What if you woke up a boy?

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You wake up one day to find you are the opposite gender. Would you make it? Or would you fail?

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    You wake up one morning and find your not yourself. What do you do first?
    Try to figure out what the heck happened.
    Plan out how your gonna act as a boy.
    Cry and cry and cry...
    Text all my girl friends and tell them everything.
    Do a happy dance.
  • 2
    You have to get dressed. What will you wear?
    Boxers, boy jeans, boy T-shirt.
    Frilly shirt, skirt, and girl underwear.
    Panties, boy shorts, boy T-shirt.
    A dress with panties and a bra. Maybe leggings.
    For some odd reason, dead of winter clothes.
  • 3
    At school you see three girls come up and ask you to hang out with them after school. But at the same time, three boys ask you to hang out. Which do you choose?
    The girls but tell them no girly stuff.
    Neither. I'm a loner.
    The boys but I tell them we have to do semi-girly stuff.
    I ask if I can get my nails painted and hair done while I'm with the girls.
    The boys. I've always been a tomboy...
  • 4
    If you didn't pick the girls then pick the skip option. The girls take you to the mall and ask you if you'd like to get your hair done. You realize that one of them is you BFF and she's looking at you suspiciously.
    You ask your BFF to talk in private. She denies.
    You say "YASSS!" To the offer.
    You blurt out everything.
    I picked boys so SKIP!
    You politely turn down the offer and ignore your BFF.
  • 5
    If you picked girls then pick the skip option. The boys want to play basketball with you. What do you do?
    I picked girls so SKIP!
    Play. It's not hard!
    Watch them but try to look boyish. You'd rather have your nose not be bloody.
    Say no and chase down the girls.
    Watch them. I'm not ruining these clothes today!
  • 6
    After hanging out you start to walk home when you see your crush walking almost in the exact same direction. What do you do?
    Ignore them. HAHA!
    Talk to them like a normal person.
    Ask if they want to hang out tomorrow. And play basketball.
    Tell them and cry on their shoulder.
    Ask them out. You'll be a girl soon right?
  • 7
    You need to go to the bathroom and there's only a grocery store. Your house is blocks away. You go inside and find the bathroom. Which bathroom do you go in?
    Girls'. I can't get myself to go into the other one.
    I go in my pants. Done!
    Boys'. It would be weird to walk in and have all the girls scream.
    Family! I'm FREEEEE!
  • 8
    Once you pick the bathroom, how do you go?
    Sit. No way am I touching that thing!
    Aim and probably miss.
    Aim and fire!
    Sit. I don't want to miss and look like an idiot.
    I said I went in my pants.
  • 9
    After you go you continue to walk home. Once your in your room, you start to consider jobs. What if you stay this way forever? Pick a job you might want as a boy.
    Football player.
    Basketball player. Boom!
    Nail tech? Does that count?
    Any job would be fine.
    Gym instructor.
  • 10
    You have a dream. This mirror asks you a important question: Do you want to stay like this or not?
    I'm just gonna cry real quick...
    Girl. Girl. Girl.
    Can I be both?
    Boy all the way!

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Person ( 18659 )
Posted 21 days ago
I wake up a boy. Looks like I'm stuck this way forever...