How much do you know about the Gray Wolf?

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Test your knowledge about the wolf from me, a wolf expert, and see if you are one too!

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    Okay, so first things first, let's start easy. What are the ranks of a pack?
    Alpha, Beta, Hunters, Omegas
    Alpha, Betas, Subordinates, Omega
    Alpha, Hunters, Fighters, Mentors
    Alpha, beta, omega
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    Okay next one! Why do wolves attack humans?
    Because they are EVIL CRAZY MONSTERS!
    Because they kill everything
    Because they are stupid
    Because they are hungry and want to eat us all.
    They feel threatened.
  • 3
    Okie doke! What colors can a wolf be?
    Um...I don't know....
    Who cares.
    Multiple different colors. It varies from the wolf.
    Only gray. Duh, it's a GRAY wolf.
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    NEXT! What color can a FULL GROWN wolf's eyes be?
    Amber, Yellow, Hazel, Green, or Orange
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    Next one guys! Just 5 more! This one is a bit harder. How many pups can a female wolf have?
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    Okay next up! What is the average amount of wolves in a pack?
    15 members including the alpha's and betas
    Uh, 8?
    5 members
  • 7
    This ones a toughy! What is the core center of a pack?
    Do I have to answer? Me: yes. Yes you do.
    The omega
    The alpha and his mate.
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    Next one up! This is one of my favorites! How would you approach a lone wolf? (Pretend the wolf is not being aggressive nor feels threatened)
    Pet it! Me: Facepalm
    Stare at it from afar. Trying not to move
    Approach slowly and calmly. Remove all threatening items, keep your hands out, and visible. Slowly walk forward and outstretch a hand, making eye contact. Place your hand around two inches away and let the wolf make the next move.
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    Okay next up is another what if! If you're a wolf, how would you show your dominance?
    Keep my tail high and ears flat.
    I'd fight and tear them to shreds.
    Look big.
    Keep my tail high, ears up, and puff out my chest, making myself seem taller. If in a fight, I'd keep a stable position, and take the offensive position.
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    Final one! This one is pretty hard so get ready!
    How much does an average female wolf weigh?
    56-79 lb
    50-85 lb
    65-87 lb
    80-94 lb
    30-40 lb

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