What Survivors Dog Are You

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Welcome to the What Survivors Dog Are You Quiz!🤗

  • 1
    The ground is trembling! You...
    Act normal like nothing's wrong
    Try to kill yourself (ow, that's a little harsh)
    Go crazy and attack everyone!
    Run and hide!
  • 2
    Alpha demotes you! You...
    Leave the pack!
    Whine and cower
    Attack him!
    Meh. I'll get promoted again.
  • 3
    You are trapped in a cave alone! You...
    Whine and be a coward.
    Run around and around and around!
    Try to escape!
    Take a nap (lol 😴)
  • 4
    Your packmate has just been promoted for something you did! You...
    Attack him!
    Speak up!
    Bully him in secret (ouch..)
    Deal with it.
  • 5
    You have visions of the Storm Of Dogs! You...
    Man up!
    Tell everyone!
    Tell alpha.
    It's just a dream!
  • 6
    The fierce dogs attack! You...
    Sneak off and be a lone dog.
    Just growl and they'll go away.
    Sulk and pout
  • 7
    A packmate just had pups! You...
    Congratulate them.
    Throw the pups off a cliff! (Harsh...)
    Just deal with it, they'll grow up soon enough.
    Deal with their constant whining (UUGH)
  • 8
    You get challenged to a fight! You...
    Accept and let him win.
    Accept and murder him! (Aggressive? Ouch.)
    Pretend you didn't hear him
    Decline and look wimpy (Chicken!)
  • 9
    You are promoted for another dogs work! You...
    Tease them about it (ouch..)
    Admit it and accept the consequences
    Never tell a single soul!
  • 10
    Woo hoo! Lots of prey! But another dog eats out of turn! You...
    Run away and say you were never there!
    Tell on them!
    Keep it a secret...:(
    Say it was you and accept he consequences.

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