When will I get my first period?

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This quiz will estimate when you will get your first period, remember, I'm no doctor.

  • 1
    How old are you?
    16 or older
    12 to 15
    8 or below
    9 to 11
  • 2
    What size are your boobs?
    They fit an adult bra, B or higher
    Fits a small bra, AA A
    Getting bigger, they fit into a training bra or an AAA
    Tiny, I hardly have any!
  • 3
    Do you have any hair in the armpits or pubic area?
    I have a lot of hair from 1 of them
    I have no hair anywhere!
    I have a little bit of hair from 1 of them
    I have armpit and pubic hair
  • 4
    Do you get discharge? (gooey stuff in your panties)
    A tiny bit
    A manageable amount
    What on earth is discharge?
    So much!
  • 5
    If you answered yes to the last question, how long have you been getting it?
    A couple years
    Had it for a couple months/a year
    I've never got it!
    I've only had it for a couple days/weeks
  • 6
    Are you feeling more tired or irritable than usual?
    Can it get any worse?
    Kinda tired sometimes
    Tired and irritable sometimes
  • 7
    Do you get back aches for no reason?
    Quite often
    Sometimes, but it might be because of the way I sit
    Yet again, no!
  • 8
    Do you get cramps?
    Never in my life
    All the time
    I get them sometimes
    I rarely get them
  • 9
    Do you eat foods like: flax/sesame seeds, dried fruits, tofu, beans, olives or olive oils, chickpeas.
    I eat these a lot
    I eat them quite often
    I never eat any foods like that
    I might eat some of these but not often
  • 10
    When did your mother or female relative get her first period?
    Younger than me
    Same age
    Older than me
    I don't know

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Miley damoude (08873)
23 days ago
Thanks maddie! Its pretty tough but nobody can tell I'm dying inside😂👍 thank you❤
Maddie (26337)
23 days ago
Hey Miley!

Getting all the symptoms at 10 must be tough! But don't fear, it is not THAT bad. I estimate you may start in a month to three but I have known many people that have had the symptoms for years and still haven't started.
Maddie (26337)
23 days ago
Hello 'Estimate Me Pls'!
I estimate that you will start your period in maybe 2-6 months. I know its a large time space but there is no way to correctly tell when you will start and the human body can be very misleading!
Miley damoude (08873)
25 days ago
Hey maddie can you estimate??
Im 10
My mom got her period at 11
I weigh 100 pounds
I get so much discharge I should wear patiliners.
I've had spotting once or twice in the past
I have so much acne!
My hair gets so greasy! So does my face
I get craving all the time... I've ate a hole chocolate bar in 15 min...
I get mad easily and then start laughing like that!
I have been WAY more tired than usual for the past 2 weeks
I don't really get cramps that often but I know a lot of people in my family that don't get period cramps
I have a lot of pubic hair it is full but still curling
If I don't shave every 3-5 days I look like a teenage boy
I shave my armpit hair once a week and it is getting darker
I've been sweating way more and it smells so gross no matter how much I shower
I've grown 3 inches in the past 5 months
Thank you maddie! Please get back to me as soon as possible
gl (86344)
25 days ago
Hey I got mixed results help
Estimate me pls (67004)
28 days ago
Oohh and 84 pounds
Estimate me pls (67004)
28 days ago
Estimate pls
Let's begin
💗 A Cup
TONS of discharge, wear pantyliners
11 years (12 in 4 months)
Breast tenderness
Hair on v**ina, Arms, legs and armpits
Mood Swings everyday
Thanks to the persons that estimatet me😁
Maddie (26337)
31 days ago

Not having a period and wanting one really badly is always tough - I was the same :) - but when you are on your period there is really no difference. You will get cramps and bloating and very weird cravings but that is all!
Ava (45852)
33 days ago
Omg any day now 60% ahhhhhh I mean yayyyyyyyy
Kayla (15964)
34 days ago
5th test ive took on thise website, all saying around 1-6 months😕
Belllllas (26337)
38 days ago
It said ive got acouple months left but i wannait NOOOOW!!!!!!!
Maddie (26337)
40 days ago
Hey Carly!

I estimate you will start your period in about 1 month, but I am no doctor and there is no way to know! But when you are about to start your period, YOU WILL KNOW!!
Carly (21203)
43 days ago
I just turned 13
Mom got it at late 12
Mild cramps a few times a month
TONS of discharge ever day
Cravings, irritability, tiredness, clumsiness
Tons of pubic hair, a few dark armpit hair, very hairy legs and I shave them a lot
32A or 34A bra
103 Pounds
HELLPP!!! I have been waiting and anticipating for about 6 months now and I need to know when I will get it! Most tests say 1-2 months but I need Someone’s opinion!
Maddie (15612)
45 days ago
I estimate you wil start in a couple months to a month, better start buying them pads!!
SallieGal (15612)
45 days ago
I get cramps every couple months
I'm 97.8 pounds
I'm 11
I get loads of discharge
My 💗 are an A 32
My mom got hers when she was 11 too

Pls estimate me Maddie!
Maddie (15612)
45 days ago
If you came here via my other test, please be welcome to ask for estimates!!
Janel (15612)
46 days ago

I can assure you guys that this test is very accurate! If you have any questions please share, I would love to help a fellow girl in a crisis!