Does he really love me?

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I know what it's like to be crazy in love with someone and not being sure if they feel the same way, maybe there going through a divorce and aren't sure if love you yet, or maybe they do like/love you but there afraid of getting too attached and and being heartbroken or maybe they like you and just don't know if they love you or not what ever the case maybe I've designed this test to help you determine if he really loves you, I'm using all of my own experiences through the years and my personal knowledge to help others with tricky situations like these.

  • 1
    Has ever told you that he loves you?
    Yes, he tells me he loves me all the time
    No, but he has said he has feelings for me/really likes me
    He's never said whether he likes/loves me or not
    Yes, but in a joking way like he doesn't mean it
  • 2
    How often do you see each other?
    Everyday were always together
    A few times a week
    Once/twice a month
    We hardly ever see each other
  • 3
    Does hold/cuddle you like he loves you?
    Yes, all the time
    Only when he wants some lovin
  • 4
    How does he treat you?
    Great! I feel like a queen when I'm with him
    Okay he compliments me and respects me
    He treats me like I'm one of his "bros"
    Bad, he always insults me I feel like I'm nothing when I'm with him
  • 5
    How does he introduce you to his friends and family?
    As his beautiful girlfriend!
    As his good friend
    Friends with benefits
    A chick I'm gonna smash later tonight
    I haven't met his friends & family
  • 6
    Does he tell you how he feels about you?
    Yes, all the time
    Rarely/he never says much
  • 7
    Does he ever talk about a future with you?
    Yes! He want to spend his life with me
    Sometimes but in a joking way
    Yes, but he never has much to say
    No, never
  • 8
    Has he ever stared at you like he's star struck?
    Yes! He looks like he's hypnotized(so in love)
  • 9
    Does he get intimate with you?
    Yes, he's so romantic
    Sometimes but we haven't gotten far
    He wants to but, I think that's all he wants
  • 10
    When you argue does he always try to make it seem like it's your fault?
    Yes, all the time it hurts
    Yes, but he realizes he's wrong and it's not my fault
    We never argue
  • 11
    Who is the first to say sorry after an argument?
    Always me he makes me feel like it was all my fault
    It depends on who started it
    We never argue
  • 12
    How does he refer to the relationship between you two?
    Boy friend & girl friend
    Friends with benefits
    Just friends
    He doesn't
  • 13
    Does he ever compliment you?
    Yes, all the time
    Only before bed time...
  • 14
    Does he seem like he loves you?
    I don't know
    He treats me like no good for nothing but...
  • 15
    Do you truly think he loves you?
    Sometimes I don't know
    No, I really don't he never says he does

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Ava (45852)
5 days ago
I'm so confused 🤷‍♀️ waaahhhhh