What do others really think of you?

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Remember to not give a shit about what people really think

  • 1
    Are you confident?
    Only when you get to know me
    Yeah a bit too much
    I don't talk
  • 2
    Do you sometimes think people are talking about you?
    Yeah but in a good way
    I get bitched about a lot
    I don't think so
    Yes, must be doing something right if they are
  • 3
    Everyone gets rumors about them what are they about?
    Getting arrested
    Being a slut
    None on these answers!
    Being gay
  • 4
    Would you say that you stand out from the crowd?
    Yeah and I love the attention
    Yeah but not in a good way
    I always fit in
    No, I am to scared go be my own person
  • 5
    Do you get into fights?
    I wouldn't hurt a fly
    Only with siblings
    2-3 maybe
    Yes, because I get bullied
    All the time
  • 6
    Are you well known?
    In my year I am
    I would be happy if someone knew my name
    Not really
    I'm really popular so yeah
    Yeah but for the wrong reasons
  • 7
    Have you or are you being bullied?
    I get bullied all the time
    No. it sometimes people take things to far
    I've never been bullied
    I'd like to see them try
    In primary school
  • 8
    Do you get into arguments?
    Only because I am sticking up for myself or someone else
    I start the arguments
    I love beef
    Only when I'm drunk
  • 9
    Do you have a best friend?
    Used to until she got herself a boyfriend
    I have loads of ex bestfriends
    Not at the minute but I have friends
    Yeah I we are practically one person
    Never had one
  • 10
    Do you honestly give a fuck what people think?
    Only if its close friends or family
    I stopped caring a long time ago
    Nah everyone can fuck themselves I got me and that's all I need
    Yeah I try not too

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