Lying. What does it say about you?

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How do you feel and who are you at lying? Great and professional, okay and average, or do you feel guilty and suck at it (such as me, which I'm glad to be so!)?

  • 1
    Have you ever lied?
    No, I'm perfect. Well, maybe I told 1 or 2 white lies...
    Well, yeah... everyone does...
    Yes, lots of times. It'll be a lie to say otherwise.
  • 2
    Have people ever said that you're good at lying?
    Yeah, lots of people. That is, if they caught me, which is rarely.
    No, people tell me that I suck at lying.
    I don't remember. Maybe they have, but maybe they haven't.
  • 3
    Do you like to lie?
    Who? Me? Never!
    No, but I still do it even if I try not to.
    What kind of question is that?
  • 4
    OK, let's say that you're at the park and you lie to a complete stranger when they ask you if you like soccer. How do you feel?
    Something is poking me at the back of my neck. Could it be guilt? Nah.
    Guilty. Should you confess? Well, that's a lesson for next time...
    Great! That stranger didn't deserve to talk to me anyway.
  • 5
    This time, you lie to a stranger but one who works at the park. Now how do you feel?
    Even more guilty. Oh no! They caught you! *panics*
    Fine. *whistling while half looking behind your back*
    Even better. They fell for it! Course they won't find out. *laughing*
  • 6
    Now, you lie to your cousin when he/she asked you if you wanted some chips. How do you feel now?
    Uh... I want some chips.
    I'm loving it. *dips hand into bag of chips and start eating like nothing*
    Something's wrong with me! And I still want some chips? I need help.
  • 7
    Uh... scenario? You lie to the president.
    What do I lie about? If it's not going to affect me, I could live with it.
    I wish I could! Oh, I should prank call him. That'll be fun.
    I would not do that. At least I hope I wouldn't.
  • 8
    Tell me, do you deserve to go to heaven?
    No. Not at all. And that's not a lie.
    Well, I... is this almost over?
    Of course I do. Like I said before, I'm perfect.
  • 9
    Lie to me.
    I suck at lying.
    I have a million dollars and live in a mansion. And you don't.
    I... am eating ice cream.
  • 10
    Tell me one more lie. A white lie.
    I am having a blast. I don't know.
    There is no such thing as a white lie! It's lie or no lie!
    I'm not even capable of that! How dare you!

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