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  • 1
    An airplane pilot's knowledge of how to control a plane and understand weather patterns would most accurately be associated with is or her
    General intelligence
    Working intelligence
    Fluid intelligence
    Crystallized intelligence
  • 2
    On an employment test, examinees with high scores on a specific item assessing ability to work well on a team did well on the test as a whole. Therefore this specific item has
    High standard error
    Optimal difficulty
    Split-half reliability
  • 3
    On a multiple choice test, distractors that are obviously incorrect
    Lower the reliability of the test
    Have no impact on the reliability of the test
    Reduce the likelihood of correct guessing
    Increase the reliability of the test
  • 4
    If a 10 yr old child has a mental age of 12, what would her IQ be?
  • 5
    One response method that is NOT often used in testing because scoring is very time consuming is the
    Dichotomous format
    Multiple-choice format
    Visual analogue scale
    Likert scale
  • 6
    The approach to test construction employs that the item characteristic curve for each individual item is called
    Prophecy theory
    Item analysis theory
    Item-response theory
    Classical test theory
  • 7
    The concept that older children have greater capabilities than younger children is referred to as
    Spearman's g
    General mental ability
    The intelligence quotient
    Age differentiation
  • 8
    The deviation IQ became necessary because
    The IQ was a cumbersome concept
    Standard deviations for IQ's were the same across age groups
    The IQ was difficult to calculate
    IQ's at one age level did not compare to IQ's at another age level
  • 9
    The level of chance performance for a 200-item multiple choice exam with four choice alternatives is
    50 correct
    25 correct
    100 correct
    75 correct
  • 10
    The extreme group method and the point biserial method are both used to estimate
    Item difficulty
  • 11
    The finding that all standard intelligence tests correlate with___ has been a problem in defining intelligence
    Chronological age
    Professional status
    Socioeconomic status
  • 12
    A tendency that some test takers have to agree with most test items is called a (n)
    Guessing threshold
    Construct uncertainty bias
    Acquiescence response set
    Tangential agreement protocol
  • 13
    What describes the chances that a low-ability test taker will obtain each score?
    The miss rate
    The guessing threshold
    The Pearson method
    Acquiescence response set
  • 14
    Which of the following is NOT part of Binet's definition of intelligence?
    Ability to carry on abstract thinking
    Ability to find a maintain a definite direction/purpose
    Ability to make necessary adjustments to achieve the purpose
  • 15
    Which of the following is NOT true about the 1905 Binet-Simon scale?
    The normative sample consisted of only 50 children
    It contained 30 items, presented in order of increasing difficulty
    It employed the mental age concept
    It lacked an adequate measuring unit to express results

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