Am I a Math Nerd?

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Do you feel like you know what you learn in math even though no one's ever taught you? Do you find yourself doing math to calm done? Are you excited to do your math homework? Do you just freaking love math?

  • 1
    What are your friends reactions when you start talking about math?
    They just look at me, roll their eyes, and continue talking.
    They seem surprised that I am talking about such a horrid subject.
    They seem interested for like 5 seconds.
    I don't talk about math with my friends, that stuff stays in math class.
  • 2
    How often do you raise your hand in math class?
    Most of the time, when I know it.
    What questions?
    Almost never, it helps me keep my mind off the subject.
    For every question, and things that are not even questions.
  • 3
    Do you study for math tests/quizzes?
    No, I just flunk them.
    No, their to easy to need to study for.
    Yeah, their torture, even with studying.
    A little, just the stuff I have trouble with.
  • 4
    What are your feelings on math homework?
    It's OK, one of the better homeworks.
    I LOVE it, man's best invention.
    Worse than medieval torture.
    Bad, like all other homework, maybe worse.
  • 5
    What type of calculator do you have.
    Graphing, and a slide rule is on my list of things to get.
    Texas instrument.
    Calculator! Who needs one of those? I Just use my neighbor's or my phone if I absolutely need one.
    Not sure, one of those ones with just the numbers and operations.
  • 6
    When do you carry your calculator?
    All day at school, except maybe lunch.
    Math and science ONLY!
    All the time, even outside of school, I practically sleep with it.
  • 7
    Do you do any math extra curriculars (i.e. math team, math counts, robotics, science team. Yeah, I know some of those are science, but they count to)?
    Those exist!
    Yeah! I do all of them, plus extra math at home.
    I tried one once, it was awful; but I have friends that do them.
    Maybe one or two.
  • 8
    How well do you know your math teacher?
    Well, I think (s)he is really nice.
    I barely know his/her name, but (s)he knows mine well from telling me to pay attention.
    I know him/her from getting help.
    Know! We're like best buddies.
  • 9
    Do you like x?
    Why not. . .
    Yeah it's good.
    What do you mean, like the letter, or my x-girl/boyfriend?
    Sure thing I do, it's practically my sole mate.
  • 10
    Do you want to/have take(n) AP math classes?
    AP, I can barely get through the required classes.
    Maybe, only if I can/have to.
    Sure thing, I'm one or two levels above my grade already.
    Yes, I can see that in my future.

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