Does she like you? ( Made by a girl!) Are you one of those people who when you like a girl, don’t talk or flirt cause you are too shy? If so this test is for you!

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If you’re the shy type who rather than flirts with a girl when you like her but just stare, this test is for you and will be 100% accurate!

  • 1
    What type of guy are you when you have a crush?
    I can make small talk but that’s about it
    I’m the best at flirting! I flirt with every girl!
    I don’t really know.... just like everyone else I guess?
    I just stare at her, I’m too shy for anything else.
  • 2
    Do you ever catch her staring at you?
    Yes! She keeps staring when I stare back at her too
    Always! But she looks away when I catch her
    Now and then but not as much as I catch her staring at other guys
  • 3
    Have you ever even said a single word to her? ( I know my description said this is for guys who are too shy to flirt with their crushes or talk to them but not even a single word?)
    Once or twice.. both times she tried to keep the conversation going but I was too shy to do that
    I try to talk to her but I can tell she’s doing her best to end the conversation as quick as possible
    Yes! We always have really cool conversations
    Never ever... I’d probably pass out if I even tried
  • 4
    Does she have any habits? (E.g fidgeting when she gets nervous or playing with her hair when she’s nervous etc.)
    No, she’s so perfect she has no bad habits
    She always ticks her hair behind her ear when she’s around me.... then puts it back to the same way it was and keeps doing this all the time
    I don’t know
    She can never sit still... she’s always changing her sitting positions when she’s around me
  • 5
    Whenever you walk by her, how does she act?
    None of the above
    She yells your name and says hi
    She knows that your looking at her but she’s trying to make you think you don’t notice her.... she walks in front of her whole group when she walks by
    She smiles and waves
  • 6
    Does she laugh at your jokes?
    Yes, all the time
    Only the extremely funny ones that every one laughs at
  • 7
    Has she had previous boyfriends?
    No.. not even one!
    Yes, she’s currently dating someone
    Yes! Like 200 so far I think
    She’s had one or two
  • 8
    Does she try to look more awake when she sees you? ( meaning, does she open her eyes a bit more, straighten her posture, lift her cheekbones etc.)
    Sometimes, but that’s whenever I have a certain friend with me
    No, never. But she’s still perfect!
    Yes, all the time!
  • 9
    Did you like this test? Does not affect your score
    I’ll wait till I get my results then i'll tell you haha
    Yes, it was so good!
    It was okay I guess
    I hated it
  • 10
    Finally, do you think she would ever kiss you if you leaned in?
    In my dreams!
    Yes! I really think so
    I honestly don’t know

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