First period quiz!

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My name is Chrisitna and recently got my period. I’m in 7th grade. I had so many questions and barely knew what a period was! Now I’m here to help you!

  • 1
    How old are you?
    17(you need to see a doctor)
  • 2
    How big are your breasts?
    Stage 5
    Stage 2
    Stage 4
    Stage 3
    Stage 1
  • 3
    How much Pubic hair do you have?
    Stage 1
    Stage 4
    Stage 2
    Stage 5
    Stage 3
  • 4
    Do you have armpit hair?
    Eh kind of
    Blond hairs
    Tiny brown hairs
    Yes, so much
  • 5
    Do you get discharge?
    What’s that?
    Yes, so much but I don’t wear pantiliners
    Yes, so much I do wear pantilines
    A little drop
  • 6
    If so than how long have you been getting discharge?
    4-5 months
    8+ months
    Just started
    1-3 months
    I haven’t
  • 7
    Do you get spotting?
    Just got one a few days ago
    Yes, so much for along time
    No, what’s that
    Will it ever stop!💔😭
  • 8
    Do you get cramps?
    No, but my back hurts does that count?
    Once or twice
    Every. Single. Day
    Yeah a lot every week
  • 9
    Do your friends have their period?
    Everyone has it but me 😭😭😭
    One girl in my grade does. Shes so lucky
    Like half and half
  • 10
    Have you started puberty? If so how long?
    I’ve been in puberty for 1.5 years
    I’ve been in puberty for about a year
    I just started puberty
    I didn’t even start puberty
    2-3 years and still no period

Comments (15)


LuneTune (84502)
3 days ago
Can you do me if I give you a description?
Er... (81329)
8 days ago
The other tests say one month or less this says six months!
Amy (58179)
14 days ago
It said 1-2 years!! Totally inaccurate! I already started.
Carly (21203)
23 days ago
Christina do you know a Carly in your gym class? It might be me lol
Christina (65016)
23 days ago
Everyone is different
Carly (21203)
23 days ago
But I know someone named Christina in my grade, do you know a Carly that is in PE in your hour? If so it’s me but please don’t hate me because I said your quiz is innacurate, I was saying it so you cod maybe fix it and make it more accurate and I wasn’t trying to be mean.
Carly (21203)
23 days ago
Omg this is SOOOOOO inaccurate! I got my period a few months ago but it hasn’t come again so I took this test and I know the first times it will be irregular but I want to know if maybe it was just spouting or what but this is very innacurate it literally said 8-1.5 years and btw I’m 13 not 8 and a half.
Miley damoude (08873)
24 days ago
Thank you though❤❤❤
Miley damoude (08873)
25 days ago
This is so inaccurate... This said 8- 1.5 and all of the other ones say 1 month..
Daisy 🌺 (97722)
28 days ago
So inaccurate it said 8 to 1.5 years I got it TODAY
Chrisitna (65016)
28 days ago
Dear , “?”

If u wanna give me a discription of your self I can tell you my self !!💓
? (67004)
28 days ago
This is NOT accurate, bc all the other tests said 1-4 months and this said 1-2 years!!
Christina (65016)
29 days ago
Hello kaykay! If u want I can answer some questions or u could give me a discription of u and I can estimate when u will get it !!❤️❤️
Kaykay (76262)
30 days ago
And cristina, what school did u used to go to because i might of went to the same school as u (not trying to be a creep though)but i know u maybe
Kaykay (76262)
30 days ago
Thx cristina, i think u are right, because some of my body parts like my 💗 need more devaloping... but also some quizzes say now till 3 months, but my 💗 arent even fully devaloped yet , (stage 3) and yea..thx again, and plz write back to me to give me a bit more awnsers and understandings.