Does my crush like me?

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You catch him staring at you, or acting differently towards you, are these signs that he may have feelings for you? take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    You're in class and you catch him staring, how does he react?
    He continues staring and smiles
    I stare at him, not the other way around
    He gives you a smile and looks away
    He darts his eyes away from you
    He never stares at me
  • 2
    How does he act around you? (physical)
    He touches my shoulders or legs
    He isn't physical with me
    He touches my face
    He touches my hands/face
    He touches my hair
  • 3
    You two are texting, how do both act?
    He compliments me every chance he can get
    We don't text, if we do it 1 or 2 words and that's all
    We text like we're dating (pet names, flirting, ect.)
    We talk about anything, we're super close
    School stuff, but that's all
  • 4
    How do his friends act when you two are together?
    They hate me & I hate them
    They act normal, we're all just friends?
    They don't care to be honest
    They tease us & call us a couple
    They occasionally tease us
  • 5
    How often do you hang out?
    We hang out with big groups friends usually
    Hello? he doesn't know I exist
    Sometimes, but usually it's just us
    We hangout 1 on 1 every week or so
  • 6
    How does he act when you mention other guys / text other guys
    He seems annoyed but doesn't react
    He doesn't mind, we're all friends
    He tries to change the subject/distract me from them
    Honestly he seems jealous
    He teases me about the guys I talk to
  • 7
    Choose the best description of how he acts when you two are alone
    Happy, comfortable, chill
    Content, like we're just buds hanging out
    Nervous, laughs a lot, squirmish
    Annoyed, uncomfortable, bothered
    Bored, distracted, okay
  • 8
    Does he hang around other girls a lot / flirts with other girls?
    Yeah, he flirts with all the girls (COUGH F BOY)
    He flirted with me a while ago
    He occasionally flirts with other girls but mostly me
    If he does, it isn't around me
    No, he only flirts with me
  • 9
    How does he act towards you in front of other people?
    He acts like we're dating
    He acts like he doesn't know me
    He flirts a little but mostly just talks to me normally
    He is super flirty, as always
    He acts like he always does around his friends
  • 10
    Someone hurt you (mentally or physically), he:
    He comforts you and asks your friends to help
    He acts worried but quickly gets distracted
    Feels obligated to protect you
    He brushes your problem off
    He comforts you and constantly asks if you're okay
  • 11
    Does he make an effort to get to know your friends?
    He doesn't know them and he doesn't care
    He's gotten to know a few of them a little too well
    They all get along so well, they all love his personality
    Yes, they're all friends
    They're chill
  • 12
    It's your birthday, what does he do for you?
    Buys you a something small
    He doesn't even know my birthday
    He celebrates by taking you out
    He buys me something sentimental / meaningful
    Gives you a hug and birthday shout out
  • 13
    Has he ever mentioned dating topics to you, asked you for opinions on what you like, or hinted that he wanted to date?
    He asked me once, a few weeks or months ago
    He said he's date me
    He asked for my opinion, for another girl
    He asked me subtly a few times
    All of the above
  • 14
    What do you like about this boy?
    Uhhhhhhh nothing?
    He treats me right and is overall really sweet
    He's super hot
    His personality is amazing
    His features (appearance)
  • 15
    Last question, do you honestly think that he's worth you time and energy, and that he likes you back?
    I'm almost 100% sure
    I'm so sure
    Not really ugh
    YES, for sure

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