When will you get your period (improved)

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I’m not a doctor but I have got mine and I have enough knowledge so trust me ;)

  • 1
    How old are you?
    Under 9
    16-17 (please see a doctor)
  • 2
    How old was your mum?
    Younger than I am now
    Older than I am now
    Around the same age
    I don't know I don’t want ask!
  • 3
    Awkward (I’m sorry) but what do your boobs look like?
    Triangular and pointy
    Starting to round out / medium size
    Just a bud
    Fully developed
  • 4
    What about pubic hair (hair down there)?
    Just a few blond ones
    Getting darker and starting to curl
    Almost fully developed
  • 5
    Leg / armpit hair?
    Both and a lotttt
    Both but only a bit
    No, and yes
    Yes, and no
  • 6
    Do you experience cramps bellow your belly button?
    All the time ouchhh
    A few times a week
    Maybe once or twice before
  • 7
    Do you get discharge? ( white/ clear/ yellow stuff in your undies)
    Quite a lot but manageable
    I think so maybe once or twice
    A tiny bit and not often
    All the time I need to/ I do wear panty liners
  • 8
    Do you get any of these: acne/ mood swings/ cravings/cramps/oily hair/sweating
  • 9
    Do you want your period? (Doesn’t affect your score don’t worry):))
    Yes, and no
    Yessss SO BADLY
    Meh not sure
    No, I’m really scared
    Don’t care to be honest
  • 10
    When do you think you started puberty?
    2+ years
    Few days/ weeks ago
    I haven’t
    A few months ago
    1-2 years ago

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Millie 💖 (73672)
15 days ago
Someone answer me, no discharge smells, as it’s purpose is to clean up there and get it out of your body, so it probably just means you are close to starting your period if you haven’t already but if it’s really coloured like a dark/bright yellow or green then I would see a doctor, but if it has been the same as that pretty much since you started it should be fine
Miley damoude (08873)
22 days ago
Thank anon!!!❤❤❤
Dandilion (06379)
22 days ago
i will never understand why girls are so eager to get this son of a gun enjoy your youth before ur in pain all the time :')
Someone answer me (27051)
22 days ago
If your discharge smells then does that mean you have an infection
trinity (94233)
22 days ago
so i have SO MUCH ACNE/HAIR/DISCHARGE LIKE ALLOOTTT and ive taken like 8 tests and some say like 4 months but most say like any day so idkkkkk
Alexia (05902)
23 days ago
ok so I have had discharge for two years already I have foil grown 👙 I have heir every where no joke I have to shave everyday sometimes it sooooo bad i have to do it twice and my hair is always oily it is soooo bad do we have this every time we get our period and when will I get mine
Angelina (05902)
23 days ago
Ok so I got my period when I was nine and it really isn’t that much of a big deal guys. Talz you are going to get it within the month I already know and have u had spotting (just a little dot of blood but not a lot like a tiny dot)
talz (97087)
23 days ago
Hi could you please estimate me.
I’m 13 and a half.
I weigh 97 pounds
My 👙 have been developing for about 1 1/2 - 2 years and they are getting round.
I have a lot of hair down there !! it’s almost full, very thick and bushy.
I have a bit of armpit hair (i shave about once a week)
I have a lot of hair on my legs.
I have had discharge for about a year most days but is manageable.
Anon (83088)
23 days ago
“Someone answer” (lol)
It could come any day now so be prepared, however it’s not a scary thing.
In fact, I was really excited when I got mine. Just relax there’s nothing to worry about. If you feel like you need more info and you’re not prepared, either google it , ask a trusted female adult or send me an email. I’d be happy to help. Good luck girl xx
Someone answer (27051)
23 days ago
I’m 11 and weigh about 113 pounds

I had discharge for about three months but its REALLY bad. I have cramps a lot and crave sweets ALL THE TIME. I am a b cup and my 👙 are EXTREMELY tender. My hair in my crotch is like a forest. Someone estimate me and tell me if I should be scared to get it😖😖
Anon (83088)
23 days ago
I think you’re quite close, maybe a month or so? Email me if you want a more reliable estimate x
Anon (83088)
23 days ago
I would say 6-12 months but I may be wrong xx
Miley damoude (33359)
24 days ago
Hello anon can you estimate me??
I'm 10
My mom was 11
My pubic hair is dark and starting to curl
My armpit hair is light brown and curling
My leg hair is like a teenage boys!
I've been sweating. A lot more
I have a lot of acne
My family doesn't really get cramps but every once in a while ill get them
I've had discharge for 8 months and I should wear pantyliners
I am always hungry
I have been getting tired more recently
I weigh 96 pounds

Thank you!!
Eva 2006 (45064)
24 days ago
Hi can some one estime me my name is eva
I am 11 years old turning 12 in june
I started developing 3 and a half years
Lots of discharge everyday
Been getting discharge since april
I weigh 75 pounds
I have hair down there and it covers all my vangia dark and curly
I have a few blonde hair on my arms
My leg are full of hair and been like that since i was 8
My 💗 and a size aa and they are roundy , triangular
Thanks xxx
anon (51568)
26 days ago
Sorry “call me kitty”
I’m not a doctor and remember that these are only estimations, so they will not be 100% accurate. Xxx
anon (51568)
26 days ago
Yes “helllo” ,
The average weight for I girl starting her period is around 100lbs
But you seem to have most of the signs. Obviously I’m not an expert, but I would say it could be 1-2 weeks to 1-2 months. Good luck xxx
Georgia 💜 (35803)
26 days ago
OMG any day now 😱
Helllo (65016)
26 days ago
Hi anon. Can u estimate me?

Started developing 💗 about 1.5 years ago
I’m a size 30
Lots of discharge every day
Been getting discharge for a year
I weigh 75 pounds
I jus turned 13
I have hair down there. Dark curly but not full
I’ve been developing pubic hair for a year
I just had a growth spurt (4 inches)
I have a tiny bit of armpit hair

CallmeKitty (49204)
26 days ago
It lied to me, said months yesterday and I started this morning!!
Anon (83088)
27 days ago
⬇️⬇️Please read thank you xxx