What is your sexuality?

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Take this short quiz to determine your sexuality. You can receive a result of: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual or asexual. I know that there are many other sexualities, but I unfortunately couldn’t fit them all in. Please remember that this test is not 100% accurate and sexuality is fluid. Have fun and I hope this quiz helps you!

  • 1
    Who do you find emotionally attractive?
  • 2
    Who do you find physically attractive?
  • 3
    Who do you develop crushes on?
  • 4
    Who do you desire sex with?
  • 5
    Who do your sexual fantasies involve?
  • 6
    If you’ve ever been in a solid relationship, who was it with?
  • 7
    Who do you get along with best, as friends?
  • 8
    If you could have a sexual experience who would it be?
  • 9
    What are your opinions on the LGBTQ+ community?
  • 10
    Deep down, how do you identify? What is your gut feeling?

Comments (17)


Straight to something else (18524)
18 hours ago
50% Bi
40% straight
10% pan
0% Ace
0% homo

Each test I've taking has told me I'm Bi / homosexual which has really flipped me around. Anyone want to test that theory with me? : /
A Person (32264)
3 days ago
40% Pan
30% Bi
20% Hetero (No way)
10% A
00% Homo (HOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)
(Sarcasm) I came here to learn my sexuality and I didn't find it out. Totally wouldn't recommend. (I'm just kidding, I would.
G a y : ) (47401)
4 days ago
Gay all the way!!!!!
Ava (43150)
5 days ago
50% Gay
30% Asexual
10% Pansexual
0% Straight

Illuminati confirmed.
Gay girl (89343)
8 days ago
70% gay
20% asexual
10% pansexual
0% bisexual and straight
Muji (18470)
19 days ago
40% Straight
20% Pan
20% Bi
10% Asexual
10% Homo
Idk anymore send help I’m prob pan
I’m so confused
Bkoko1 (61226)
21 days ago
I got 90% asexual. MWAHAHAH!
I knew it
Name (12419)
22 days ago
It said I'm half gay half straight . So much help thx I think I'm gay though❤️💛💚💙💜
alex (56818)
26 days ago
I feel better after. Taking this text
Everla (64577)
28 days ago
And I believe it, too, because I have a crush on another girl. And a guy. I have a crush on one person from each gender.
bi (85797)
28 days ago
Hetrosexual (60242)
29 days ago
Wow,I'm homophobic and I turned out to be homosexual from this test! Well , gotta change views I guess :/
al (68838)
35 days ago
im so gay and woo nice quiz!
Molly (13201)
36 days ago
I just came out as bi to my best friend she said it was okay now she haven’t said a word to me since I wish instead of waving rainbow flags we would actually expect people
@not_a_dweek_ ig (35571)
40 days ago
Omg I love the random little comments on the results 😂😂
Person (89937)
43 days ago
I'm so pansexual but I normally say gay since it is a branch term. 💗😁
Chief (00737)
44 days ago
Why are all the questions on 9 all yes? Not hating on LGBTQ just on the answers.