Is He Satisfying You... in Bed?

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30 Questions - Developed by: Nancy - Developed on: - 886 taken

Is your man everything you truly desire? Does he ravage you? Does he have what it takes? Does he make you feel like a desired, cherished, and wanton woman?

  • 1
    Do you get hot thinking about him the next day?
    I had the urge to "take care of business" all day...
    Oh yeah
    Wondering mostly what went wrong...
  • 2
    Does he ensure you were satisfied?
    Oh yes, it's all about me
    Mutually I guess
    I'm not sure
    Wham bam
  • 3
    Does sex ever feel like work?
    Never, it's pure magic.
    From time to time.
    Yup, it's work
    I would rather be at work
  • 4
    Do you get hot when you see him?
    I need to close my legs in a dress...
    He's cute...
    Not really, I need to get warmed up first...
    Repulsed really
  • 5
    Do you get hot when you see his joy stick?
    The sight is incredibly hot, maybe a little scary...
    It's nice when it's hard...
    It's... cute
    It's... well... he knows how to use it
    It looks like it's missing something...
  • 6
    Doe his joy stick feel long enough?
    Oh yeah, I feel it in my throat
    It can hit all the right places
    It's fun but not anything to write home about
    It's not big enough to touch my places
    It barely stays in for most positions
  • 7
    Is his joy stick thick enough?
    I feel like a virgin every time
    It's a tight squeeze but after a few minutes it's great.
    I love how full I feel
    It could use a little more
    It feels like throwing a hot dog down a hall way
  • 8
    Does his size satisfy you?
    Every time
    I sometimes need to use my fingers to get there
    I'm glad he has a tongue.
  • 9
    How is his aural skills? (sexy talk)
    His voice makes me melt
    He is hot when I'm into it
    Ummm awkward?
    Best if he keeps his mouth closed
  • 10
    How are his oral skills?
    Fantastic! I can get there in minutes...
    Good! It takes me a bit but he gets me there....
    Average... at times it takes various things to get me there
    He has some stuff to learn
    He's hopelessly lost
  • 11
    How is his body?
    Ripped Adonis
    A little belly, just perfect for me
    It's been a while since he's been to the gym
    He's... well... he's got nice eyes...
  • 12
    Do you fantasize about him?
    I have
    I'm not sure
    I don't fantasize
    I fantasize but not about him...
  • 13
    Does he make you feel like a Goddess?
    Every time
    He has
    He likes to think so
  • 14
    Does he make you want to do crazy stuff with him?
    We are super freaks
    We have been known to get a little nuts
    I can't say as that interests me
  • 15
    How’s the orgasms?
    Fantastic and plentiful
    Good when I get them
    I've had some good ones...
  • 16
    Does he give you the carnal f@$#ing you need?
    Oh he brings it, hard and fast
    From time to time he brings out the tiger
    He's pretty submissive
    He... well he's finished before really getting started
    I wish
  • 17
    How long can he last from insertion?
    As long as needed to get the job done...
    Just long enough
    Not quite long enough
    He's a quick shooter, I've got to be on my game
    He's done before I'm warmed up...
  • 18
    If given magic, how would you change his “dimensions”?
    I would make him a little smaller
    Maybe a little longer
    Maybe a little wider
    Wider and longer please
    Let's say... triple what he has might be a good start.
  • 19
    Does he take you the way a man should?
    Every time
    He has
    What does that mean?
    Not very often
  • 20
    Does he make you feel sexy?
    He has
    I feel sexy because I feel sexy, nothing to do with him
    I don't feel sexy around him
  • 21
    Nonjudgmental curiosity about getting freaky! “I never heard of that; let’s try it” as opposed to “You want me to do what?”.
    He's always game for anything
    He brings the kink when I need it
    He knows what kink is.
    His words "You want me to do what?"
  • 22
    Does he groom to your standards?
    He's perfectly groomed daily
    Over groomed, he spends more time than I do
    I need to shave him down at times
    He's a little on the stinky side
    He didn't recognize my brush
  • 23
    Do you melt when he kisses you?
    Every time
    Most of the time
    Not usually
  • 24
    Does he know your "buttons"?
    He plays me like a champ
    He knows them but does he push them all the time?
    He's learning
    He's been in training a long time
    He's lost
  • 25
    Does he put your pleasure above his?
    Every time
    He has
    I mostly serve him
  • 26
    Is he gentle with your cervix?
    He knows just the right pressure to feel amazing
    He's bumped it a few times
    He can't reach it
    He uses it like a boxing bag.
  • 27
    Does he know how to move to hit the right spots?
    Oh yes!
    When he's into it
    He's not quite big enough to hit any spots per say
    It's not pleasant
  • 28
    How's his stamina?
    He can go all night on one hand
    He's okay, might need to change positions
    Stamina? He's done before his arms get tired.
    I need to ride
  • 29
    Any troubles getting hard?
    None, it's instant
    He can get there with a little help
    Some issues
    Oh he gets hard, but cums so fast he has issue getting hard again
  • 30
    Can he be a sex monster and a gentle lover?
    I've seen and loved both, he knows and gives me what I need
    He's more one than the other
    He's pretty tame kitten
    Nope, it's been a little boring at times

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