Am I Popular?

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If you are wondering if you are popular but aren't a hundred percent sure. (If you don't like your answers don't get offended.)

  • 1
    How many friends do you have, be honest with yourself.
    This group let's me hang with them but it seems out of pity.
  • 2
    Do you blend with the crowd? Again be honest.
    Yeah pretty much
    Kind of
    Not really
    Heck to the no! i'm the queen/king of this place!
    I am pretty much invisible
  • 3
    Do you hear rumors about girls/boys crushing on you? For the last time remember to be honest.
    I'd say about 98% of everyone has/had a crush on me
    I've heard a hand full of rumors about that
    I guess a few
    5- probably
    No, never
  • 4
    What do you do at parties?
    I haven't been to a party in a while
    Have so much fun with my friends we dance
    I go with a few people from school to keep me company
    Flirt with hot boys/girls of course
    I don't really do parties (what do you do at a party anyway)
  • 5
    You see that there is a new kid at school, what do you do?
    Take them into my group before they get infested with nerds dorks and geeks (what I am being generous, it is my way of giving back)
    Befriend them of course I love meeting new people
    Try to avoid but not be rude
    I am the shy new kid that doesn't know what to do except I am not new
  • 6
    How do you dress?
    I'd rather not say
    I wear what I like but try to keep it fashion forward
    I pull something out that is clean and shove it on
    I do my best to get the best cloths in school so I look better than everyone else
    Whatever is comfy to me
  • 7
    Where do you sit in class?
    I do my best not to get noticed by ANYONE!
    Wherever as long as I am with my friends
    Up front if I feel like upstaging everyone or back if I want to use my phone
    Front so I get an educational learning
  • 8
    Do you think you are a bully?
    I am the one that gets bullied
    Of course not!
    why should I tell you? (i am a huge bully)
    Not really I play around sometimes but don't mean to heart anyone's feelings
  • 9
    Do people seem like they want do be your friend.
    No, pretty much the opposite
    Haven't we been over this? I RULE the place...
    I dunno
  • 10
    You are finally here! yay... Don't forget to add up all of your points to see your results. This one is just going to be for fun... pick your favorite face!
    ; p

Comments (3)


shadowbolt 1000 (48374)
10 days ago
AMAZING!!!!!!! i was sooooo popular
i mean anyway i am famous at school so kinda use to it
hey Lily Cat i bet your popular aswell your name is cool
and denisa you should probably tell the boy you like him before he likes someone else,you probably think i'm wrong but,HEY it's your choice
denisa pop (48374)
10 days ago
i love it so amazing i love a boy his name is mike
Lily cat (34066)
14 days ago
Cool! I got popular!