White Chicks, baby!

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In my opinion this is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen and definitely has one of the most memorable scenes in Hollywood!

  • 1
    What are the two main characters' names in the movie?
    Paris and Kim Hilton
    Brittany and Tiffany Wilson
    Molly and Emma Anderson
  • 2
    What was the criminal's costume in the beginning of the movie?
    A teacher with glasses and a mustache
    An ice cream man
    An old man dressed as a police officer
    A pilot who killed the original pilot to fly a plane
  • 3
    How much did Latrell pay to go on a date with Brittany aka Marcus in the auction?
    10,000 dollars
    20,000 dollars
    50,000 dollars
    100,000 dollars
  • 4
    What is the girls' main song which they show us in the movie?
    Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
    A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
    Crazy In Love - Beyonce
  • 5
    What did Latrell say to Brittany when he first met her?
    "Help, somethings wrong with my eyes - I just can't take them off you."
    "I wanna live in your socks so I could be with you every step of the way."
    "Santa must have come early this year, cause you were first on my list."
    "Girl, you gotta be tired cause you been running through my mind all day."
  • 6
    Complete this sentence "Yo mommas so stupid she went to Dr. Dre..."
    To get a botox
    To find a husband
    For a boob job
    For a pap smear
  • 7
    What did Tiffany tell the thief who stole her bag when he said: "Jesus lady all that for a bag?"
    "It's a Coco Chanel bag dummy."
    "It's not just a bag, its Prada."
    "Maybe to you, but to me its my whole life."
    "Imma shove my foot down your throat."
  • 8
    What happened to Marcus when he ate the cheese that was served to him?
    He ate some more
    He got diarrhea
    He vomited a lot
    He punched the waiter who served it to him
  • 9
    What did Marcus do to disgust Latrell on their date?
    Put his foot on the table
    Clip his nails while talking
    Let his dog sit on the table
  • 10
    What is another disgusting thing Marcus did in the date?
    He screamed so that everyone could hear
    He ate with his mouth open
    He farted
  • 11
    What is Marcus's girlfriend's name?
  • 12
    When was the day of the fashion show?
    It was Christmas
    Brittany and Tiffany's birthday
    It was Labor Day
  • 13
    Why did Latrell fall for Brittany?
    Because she was a white girl with a black girl's ass.
    Because she told him he sucks at basketball
    Because she was so nice to him
  • 14
    Who did Kevin have a crush on in the movie?
    Sasha Fierce
    Denise Porter
    Yara Shahidi
    Gabrielle Union
  • 15
    Last: Who was the criminal in the end of the movie?
    Agent Jake Harper
    Warren Vandergeld
    Chief Elliot Gordon
    Agent Vincent Gomez

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