My love life

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It's all about a girl who doesn't know what love feels like until she meets the love of her life

Hi, my name is Lauren I have not experienced love until the day I meet HIM! Like any other school day I had to go to school and do work until the end of the day. I was in 9th grade when this happened and it was the first day of school. I was running late because I overslept and missed the bus. I was like „that’s a great start to start off high school". I wasn't late because my apartment is 1 block away from high school. I got kicked out of my parents house and had to get a apartment. It's a long story I have to tell for later. But anyway I was running to school where I meet my bestfriend outside of the school. She was waiting on me so we can go to class so we ran to our classes and we ended up in the same class. I sat down beside her and saw the most amazing boy of my life Ryan he was so cute! The teacher started calling out names and I wasn't on the list so I figured out I was in the wrong class. It was so embarrassing I felt like I was gonna have a complete meltdown in front of EVERYONE! Soon the teacher asked me to leave the classroom so I did. I walked down the hallway not knowing what I was doing or where I was going.

Authors point of view

This is not based on me btw ( by the way if you didn't know) I just wanted you guys to know that...... This is just a fictional story made up bye me.

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Austin (93601)
5 days ago
Hey you sound cute...