Is your pet a secret agent for the O.W.C.A?

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Have you ever thought that your pet was too hug-able, adorable, and love-able?
Well, take this quiz to see if your pet is part of the O.W.C.A.!
*Perry the Platypus not included.

  • 1
    Have you ever thought that there was something strange or odd about your pet?
    No, way! They just sleep all day!
    No... But, I've seen them with a fedora once, but that's normal... right?
    Yeah! They're too perfect <3
  • 2
    Have your brothers made something enormous, and made it disappear just when your mother arrives home?
    YES! I don't know how it happens:/
    No... My brothers just play games all day:(
    Yeah... But, that's because I put it away for them. I don't want to get in trouble for it!
  • 3
    Is your pet overly attached to you?
    YES! It's SO~ annoying!
    Yep... But, in a good way!:)
    No... they don't even like me:(
  • 4
    Does your pet own a tube to travel underground?
    Yeah! Except, it's not a tube, and it's called a leash!
    No... I wish:(
    I don't think so.... But, I wonder how they move so fast!
  • 5
    Does your pet disappear frequently?
    No... I wish... Me: Don't say that! You love them right?
    Yeah! They love to hide in my bed covers! Me: That's really cute <3
    YES! Then, they appear out of no where! Me: Stop getting ahead!
  • 6
    Does your pet appear out of nowhere?
    No... I wish... Me: you alright?
    YES! Especially when I call them for food:)
    I already told you! YES! Me: CHILL
  • 7
    Does your pet have its own theme song?
    YES! It's called, "You're my best pet ever!". I wrote it!
    Yeah... It's real catchy... "Dubi dubi duba, dubi dubi duba, (pet name)~"
    No... I wish... Me: Do you need a hug?
  • 8
    Does your pet have background dancers?
    Yeah! Me!
    No... I wish... Me: You know, background dancers are extra, right?
    YES! It's so weird:0
  • 9
    Does your pet have a nemesis?
    Yeah... He has a freakin' company too!
    Yes! My brothers harass them all the time!
    Yeah... Me...
  • 10
    Will you still love them even if they're an agent in disguise?
    I wish... Me: Is that even an answer!
    Yeah! They're my cutie-pie!
    Yeah! That's cool!

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