Can you survive a scary movie?

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Can you survive this super scary movie? Well find out!

  • 1
    You are you being chased by killer zombies what do you do?
    Call 911
    Attack the zombies
    Run as fast as you can
  • 2
    Where would you hide?
    Behind the shower curtain
    The basement
    Under the bed
    The secret room behind the fridge
    Behind the box
  • 3
    The zombies find you what do you do?
    Scream to annoy the zombies
    Put the box on your head
    They can't find the secret room behind the fridge!
  • 4
    You have 5 items with you which one do you choose
    The cupcake
    The phone
    The box
    The Gun
  • 5
    The zombies trap you in a cage with only a cupcake what do you do?
    Cry and whine
    Pound on the cage
    Eat the cupcake
    Throw the cupcake outside the cage to distract the guards
  • 6
    You drop your phone what do you do?
    Drag it along with your foot
    Who cares I gotta get out of here!
    Stop and pick it up
  • 7
    You have outrun the zombies what do you do?
    Play games on your phone
    Take a breath and stop
    Look behind you
    Hide under the other box
    Keep running out off the house
  • 8
    You have got out of the house what do you do?
    Take a few seconds to breathe
    I get in the car
    Call 911
    I keep running!
    I eat the other cupcake
  • 9
    You are at different neighborhood what do you do?
    Take a few seconds to chill
    Go on social media
    Look at the street signs to see where you are
    Call my parents
    Keep running
  • 10
    A vampire starts chasing you?
    Scream so someone will hear me
    Use the garlic clove
    Keep playing social media
    Hide behind a tree
  • 11
    You see no people are in town what do you do?
    Take out your gun
    Call 911
    Drive a taxi
    Go get some ice cream oh right nobody is here
    Run out of town!
  • 12
    The zombies have found you what do you do?
    Run like the wind
    Scream loudly
    Call the police
    Hide in the store!
  • 13
    The zombies capture you what do you do?
    Kick them and run!
    Call the police oh right they have blocked me
    Cry for help
    Sing a every song you know horribly
  • 14
    You reach another town but nobody is there either how far do you run?
    To the nearest bathroom I gotta go!
    To my parents working place a couple cities away
    Run? Play on my phone
    To the nearest hiding place
  • 15
    You finally find some people?
    Stay there!
    Have a reviled sigh
    Go get that ice cream you wanted
    Call my mommy
    Tell them my problem and go to the police station
  • 16
    You get a phone call from the zombies saying they are nearby?
    Call 911 and report the caller
    Go in a taxi
    Go run to another city
    Go to the airport
    Hide behind the counter of the ice cream store
  • 17
    A evil robot is destroying the city you have came to what do you do?
    Call the cops
    Scream and panic
    Steal the ice cream form the counter
    I am in another city!
    Detestation to the taxi man to go to the other city
  • 18
    The police come what do you do?
    Go to the mall
    Have them call my parents
    Point to the ruined city
    Report the situation!
    Keep hiding
  • 19
    You see a patch of light in the distance what do you do?
    Stay where you are
    Sprint your last energy!
    Ignore it and go to the the toy section of the mall
    Run as fast as you can!
    Walk to it
  • 20
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Comments (4)


Abby (27550)
8 days ago
Oh chez they have their own phones to!
chez (42422)
8 days ago
this is honestly the weirdest quiz ever the zombies give you a phone call???// like wtuygfc
daisy (02886)
9 days ago
i never left the secret room
Dylan (91153)
9 days ago