Does she like you?

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This quiz is for girls and boys. It is time to see if that girl likes you!

  • 1
    What does she act like?
  • 2
    When was the first time you met her?
    Couple months ago
    Last year
    Known her forever
    Couple years ago
    I don't know
  • 3
    What does she do when she see's you?
    Asks how I am, and talks with her friends again.
    Just shakes her head at me, and rolls her eyes
    Just say's hi and walks walks away.
    Seems to hide from me, but blushes the sky away!
  • 4
    When she has came over to spend the night what does she do? (boys this may not apply to you)
    Hugs me all the time and wants to be near me
    Se snuggles and tries to stay very close to me.
    I don't know, she has never slept over
    She slides away from contact, or nearness from me
    We might as well be connected to me but she wont talk at all
  • 5
    If she has slept the night in your room, or needed to change clothing what did she do?
    She slept with me, but she was a distance away. She was hesitant for changing but still changed with me there.
    She snuggled with me and slept with me. Clothing was no worry to her, she just went down to nothing or little amount to change without having me turn away.
    She asked to sleep on the floor, or something not consisting of the same bed, but wanted to be in my room! She was hesitant with changing and did anyway.
    I don't know, once again she has not slept over or CHANGED! Are you crazy?
    She hid under all of the blankets and shied really far away from me, as far as she could go! She went to another room to change.
  • 6
    Does she flirt with you at all?
    Blushes or talks with her friends loud enough for me to hear, and then looks my way.
    She does and I continue it back.
    Maybe a few times.
    Nope, if she does never caught it.
    She tries, but gets embarrassed and stops.
  • 7
    Does she ever make a movement to lean up to your face level (or down) to try and kiss you?
    No, never
    Maybe once or twice but I didn't pay attention.
    Yea and she followed through with it to!
    Yea, but she stopped mid stride.
    She has hugged me, looked up then suddenly looked down and shook her head and walked away.
  • 8
    Does she ever bring up other girls and boys she likes, kinda asking you what you think of them?
    Sometimes, not often or specific
    Sometimes, then she says "Why other you with this, sorry if I annoyed you, or wasted your time"
    Nope, NEVER
    Yes, all the time, and I give her my opinion and she treats it right, and listens too
    Maybe once or twice I don't remember
  • 9
    Do you like her?
    Yea, and she knows, but I want to know if she likes me!
    Yes, but her shyness is hard to show her that!
    No, way! I just want to no if she likes me!
    Maybe I do Maybe I don't
    Chances I could are high
  • 10
    Why did you take this quiz? What if she seen what you answered with!
    Maybe I will tell you Maybe I won't. She would be kind about it.
    Too see what would happen! I think that she would be super excited!
    I was bored. She would probably get mad if this girl was real! OH! BURN MAN
    I took to know, I don't know what she would do.
    I D K! I think that she would say "I had know you felt that way"

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