First Period: When will you get it?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Jordyn - Developed on: - 3.176 taken

This won’t be totally accurate! I’m no doctor but I’ll try my best!

  • 1
    What sort of bra do you wear (if you have one)?
    I don't have no bra! 😝
    Training bra/sports bra
  • 2
    How old are you?
    14+ (if over 17 see a doctor)
    8 or under
  • 3
    On a scale of 1-4 how much pubic hair do you have? (hair down there 👇)
  • 4
    How long have you been in puberty for?
    Don’t think I am yet
    2+ years
    A month or two
    1 year-1.5 years
    1/2 a year
  • 5
    Have you had any discharge?
    (Goop in your pants)
    Quite a bit but it’s okay
    A teeny bit
    Soo bad I wear pantyliners
    Eww no
  • 6
    How much do you weigh? (In lbs)
    Under 60
  • 7
    How many of the following have you experienced? Cramps, bloating, mood swings back aches and cravings.
  • 8
    How much hair on your legs and armpits?
    Nearly average
    A little
  • 9
    And now.....the BIG question!
    What are your boobs like?
    Flat. Like, pancake flat! PANCAKES 🥞😋😋😋😋😋!
    Breast buds
    Nearly rounded
  • 10
    This one doesn’t count: Are you ready for your period?
    Nope nope and nope
    I guess................
    Think so!

Comments (21)


Ema (11724)
Sooo "GET PADS NOW!" I did😛😏
Kiera (45851)
4 days ago
Can u estimate me?
A cup size
Noticeable leg hair
Halfway developed, dark pubic hair
💗 rounding out
Armpit hair- getting darker and longer
Discharge for 8+months
Puberty for 2 years
Grew 4 inches last year
Cravings/mood swings/headaches/cramps/back pain everyday
85 pounds
I’m 12
Mom got hers st 12 1/2
I’m pretty prepared
Plz estimate!
Kiera (45851)
4 days ago
Awesome 1-5 months 🙄
Rolexi (66139)
4 days ago
Few day to few weeks..."GET PADS NOW" already got 'em 😏
Jordyn (64971)
4 days ago
Btw to all the people who said this really isn’t accurate, I know it isn’t! I ain’t a doctor nor fortune teller so you can expect it to be inaccurate, plus if you had really mixed answers, the site might be at fault then! If you want a more ‘in depth’ quiz check out my new extended Edition!
Jordyn (64971)
4 days ago
Sup I’d say a few days/weeks!
Jordyn (64971)
4 days ago
Please estimate I'd say maybe a few weeks!
Jordyn (64971)
4 days ago
Please answer I think 1/2 a year/ a year until you get it!
Please answer! (79161)
4 days ago
Jordyn answer quickly!!
Please answer! (79161)
4 days ago
I know you said this wasn't an accurate test, but is it close? Please get back to me, thanks!
(I'm 12 1/2 and I basically get everything that was mentioned and it said I had 3-5 months or something close to that)
Mcpp (40038)
5 days ago
This ain't an acruate test.....I started last yr
please estimate!! (26342)
5 days ago
can you please estimate me?
i’m 13 1/2 and i weigh 45kg/100lbs
my 💗 are getting rounder and bigger every day
i have a lottttt of pubic hair it’s almost fully grown 😩
i have hair under my arms i have to shave about once a week
i’ve has discharge for like a year and it’s manageable
Some Girl (35653)
6 days ago
I got one that said 2 years, 1 month, and now 1 year. WHAT AM I SUPPOST TO THINK!
Sup (34803)
6 days ago
Hi Can someone please estimate me?
So I’m 12 1/2
My mum got it as soon as she turned 12
I got a few periods at 8 but they stopped the doc sed it’s normal
Had discharge for 2+ years
Triangular Breasts
I swear I cannot get anymore pubic hair it’s so bad
I’ve have really bad cramps for about 3 months now
I’m slightly underweight but so was my mum when she got hers
Had light spotting a few times now

Completely random but my bff mum got hers at 15 and my bff got hers at 11.....
Jordyn (64971)
6 days ago
Btw I can give estimations for anyone that wants one!
Anonymous (00770)
6 days ago
It said 6months to a year. I am ready, but I'm glad I have time to prepare.
Hi (27051)
7 days ago
Mine said any week now or day, and to get pads now😊
Jordyn (64971)
7 days ago
Umm Makenzie the lowest you can get is over a year I made this quiz...
Makenzie (91607)
7 days ago
Oml it said 2-3 years and i already have mine 😂😂😂😂
avaa (13925)
9 days ago
lollllllll i got mine already, but i just tried this