Is She Into You (made by a girl)?

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Hi! It’s me, an average, shy girl. Once I took a quiz made by a guy (the opposite of this quiz) and found it to be really helpful, being able to get insight from the other side. I’m no love expert, but I’ve experienced multiple crushes, so I might as well be one. Note that this is from the perspective of a shy-ish girl, and while I’ll try to make it fit most girls, I’m really stuck with my thoughts here.

  • 1
    Do you ever catch her staring at you?
    I have the feeling she does...
    Yes, and she quickly looks away just when I see her.
    No, she’s always looking at her friends.
    Yes, and she starts a staring contest or does something funny when I look back.
  • 2
    Anytime y’all are talking, what’s her body language?
    Brief eye contact, but she keeps glancing down or away from me.
    She looks into my eyes, somewhere on my face, or body.
    She rocks back and forth on her feet, looks me in the eyes.
    She looks at her shoes the entire time.
    She looks at me, nods while I’m talking.
  • 3
    Have you ever had any “sparks flying” moments with her? However, this excludes any times where it was one-sided, so consider if you think she felt it too, and the evidence to support your conclusion. (I’m starting to sound like an English assignment)
    Yes, physically.
    No, I never really make contact with her.
    Yes, it was after we joked about something and ended up smiling like idiots at each other.
    No, she seems to deliberately avoid me.
    Yes, once, but I feel it’s one-sided.
  • 4
    Do you have anything in common? If you like what she likes, and she knows, she’s more likely to consider you. But this will not affect score as much, because sometimes, opposites attract.
    Yes, same sports team or music.
    She hates my interests.
    I don’t know her interests.
    Yes, we have almost everything in common.
  • 5
    Do you text or chat online?
    I don’t have her contact.
    She won’t add me on social media.
    She doesn’t have social media.
    Yes, very often. More than in real life.
    Yes, but we talk more in real life.
  • 6
    Does she look at you in the crowded hallways? This is a place where you can catch her off-guard. People are usually walking fast past each other, and if she stares at you here, she can pick you out of a crowd.
    Yes, and she greets me by shouting my name or handshake.
    Yes, and she looks away quickly or gets distracted immediately.
    Yes, and she smiles sweetly.
    No, she’s talking with her friends.
    No, she’s looking ahead.
  • 7
    Are you her type? Superficial, I know, but it contribute a tiny bit.
    Yes. She appreciates intelligence or education, and I'm focused on that. She’s always dated athletic guys, and I’m track star.
    No, she has a history of being with the bad boys, and I’m kind of shy.
    No, she has a history of liking shy guys, and I’m loud.
    No, she has a history of liking smarter guys, and I’m dumb.
    I don’t know her type/ She doesn’t have a type.
  • 8
    Do you think she is superficial compared to you? (Dig deeper on this one)
    Yes, she’s too high-maintenance. She does her nails and dresses up, but I like being more relaxed and just wear regular clothes.
    Yes, but I take care of my appearance as well.
    We are on the same level. (Either you are both into brand name, or both relaxed)
    We both like fashion, but not in the superficial way.
  • 9
    Have you ever talked over her?
    Yes, maybe she should spoke up over me.
    No, I always let her talk first.
    Yes, but she could’ve kept speaking to her friends while I talked to the other half of the group...
  • 10
    Does she ever smile directly at you for no reason?
    Never noticed.
  • 11
    Have you ever touched before, and how?
    Yes, while teasing her, I grabbed her hand.
    Yes, it was just a tap on the shoulder.
    Yes, we danced together once (by choice lol).
    Yes, our hands touched while exchanging something.
    No, never got too close to her.
  • 12
    Have you cheated off of her test before?
    Yes, I think she knows.
    Yes, but with her permission.
    No, I’m fair when it comes to her.
    Yes, but there is absolutely no way she was aware.
  • 13
    Does she come to you for homework help?
    Yes, but it’s like she wants to copy it sometimes.
    Yes, and she genuinely gets help from me.
  • 14
    Does she ever complement you?
    Yes, on my outfit.
    Yes, directly, on my achievements (“You’re so smart”, “You’re so good at that!”)
    Yes, indirectly. She tells her friends how good I am at something.
    No, never talked to her.
    No, she disses me any chance she gets.
  • 15
    Would she do a favor for you?
    Yes, without much question. Depending.
    Yes, but only if it would benefit her as well.
    No, she would refuse or ignore it.
  • 16
    Have you ever successfully flirted with her? For example, teased her to a positive response, always hold the door open, complemented her?
    Yes, much of the above, or similar.
    No, I’m too shy to.
    No, she made things awkward in a negative vibe.
  • 17
    Does she act clumsy or weird when she knows you’re around? Note that she has to be aware that you’re in the same room or space as her.
    Yes, some drops things and gets flustered easily.
    No, she’s normal. (Includes if she’s also normally clumsy.)
    Yes, she laughs a lot or exaggerates actions.
  • 18
    Does she blush/get red when you look at her in a conversation?
    We don’t talk.
    Yes, her ears get red.
    She’s normally like that.
    No, she’s cool when we’re talking.
    I’ve never noticed. (Look for it next time! It’s a big giveaway. Tease her once and then check if her ears start getting red, even for a moment.)
  • 19
    How’s her voice around you?
    It gets higher, “girlier”. Sometimes it makes her sound kind of ditzy, to be honest.
    Lighter, more sweet.
    Deeper, relaxed. Like how she’d talk to her best friends with.
  • 20
    Last question. Do you think she likes you?
    No, almost no chance.
    As a friend only.
    I don’t know at all.
    I think she hates me.

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Hayley (48965)
5 days ago
didnt mean to say dude
Hayley (48965)
5 days ago
No offence but this is horrible and I am a girl dude
Richard Burns (70016)
9 days ago
This girl is my best friend she definitely knows me we ride the same van to school