Harry Potter Book 4 Beyond Expert

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This quiz is based upon minutia from the book. No internet questions, Chapter Titles etc. Designed to quiz you on how well you have retained what you read. You have not seen most of these questions.

  • 1
    Who discovered the Riddle family dead, "lying there with their eyes wide open, cold as ice...."?
    A constable sent to check their welfare
    Frank the gardener
    A maid
    The cook
  • 2
    Prior to Harry's 4th year at Hogwarts, the Dursleys went on a diet because of Dudley's obesity. Who all sent Harry a birthday cake so he wouldn't starve?
    Hermione, Ron, Sirius and Hagrid
    Hermione, Mrs Weasley, Hagrid and Lupin
    Hermione, Ron, Sirius and Lupin
    Hermione, Ron, Lupin and Hagrid
  • 3
    Name of Ludo Bagman's brother?
  • 4
    With which professional Quidditch team did Gryffindor's former captain, Oliver Wood sign?
    Falmouth Falcons
    Banchory Bangers
    Puddlemore United
    Chudley Cannons
  • 5
    Why wouldn't Britain allow the importation of flying carpets?
    They could end up replacing traditional brooms
    They were too easily observed by Muggles because of their size
    They were a Muggle artifact
    They were extremely dangerous
  • 6
    Which Quidditch World Cup did Harry attend with the Weasleys as the guest of Ludo Bagman?
  • 7
    When Professor Moody demonstrated to his DADA class the effects of the Imperius curse, what did he force Neville to do before the entire class?
    Jump onto a desk
    Hop 3 times around the room
    Perform a series of gymnastics
    Imitate a squirrel
  • 8
    How much did it cost to join S.P.E.W?
    5 Sickles
    1 Sickle
    2 Sickles
    5 Knuts
  • 9
    What did Madame Maxime's Palomino horses drink?
    Vintage Bordeaux wine
    Single malt whiskey
    Ogdens Old Firewhiskey
    Oak-matured mead
  • 10
    What color of robes did Parvati wear to the Yule Ball?
    Silver-gray satin
    Pale blue
    Shocking pink
    Bright turquoise
  • 11
    What does "bladvak" mean in gobbledegook (goblin-speak)?
  • 12
    What is the name of Rita Skeeter's photographer?
  • 13
    What was unusual about the statue of Boris the Bewildered located by the prefect's bathroom?
    His shield was upside down
    His pants were on backwards
    His gloves were on the wrong hands
    His shoes were on the wrong feet
  • 14
    Harry fell asleep in the library while looking for help with the second task of the Triwizard Tournament. Which book was he reading at the time?
    A Guide to Medieval Sorcery
    Madcap Magic for Wacky Warlocks
    Dreadful Denizens of the Deep
    Where There's a Wand There's a Way
  • 15
    When Mr. Crouch stumbled out of the Dark Forest in front of Harry and Krum, what was NOT mentioned about his appearance?
    His robes were ripped and bloody
    He was talking to someone he alone could see
    He was barefoot
    His face was scratched
  • 16
    Who was the Hogwarts gamekeeper before Hagrid?
    Apollyon Pringle
    Marcus Wimble
  • 17
    In order, which obstacles did Harry encounter on his way through the maze to the Triwizard Cup?
    Blast ended skrewt, bogart, golden mist, sphinx and giant spider
    Bogart, golden mist, blast ended skrewt, giant spider and sphinx
    Bogart, golden mist, blast ended skrewt, sphinx and giant spider
    Golden mist, blast ended skrewt, bogart, sphinx and giant spider
  • 18
    Which deatheater was NOT mentioned at Voldemort's "resurrection" in the graveyard?

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