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Take this Animal Jam Play Wild (AJPW) quiz
and see how much you know about it!

  • 1
    Is Cami’s Frog BETA?
    Is Cami’s Frog BETA?
  • 2
    What animal is very popular in AJPW?
    What animal is very popular in AJPW?
  • 3
    What are betas?
  • 4
    What day is the easiest day to get Rare items?
  • 5
    What alpha welcomes new Jammers to the game?
  • 6
    This is the hardest question- pick the answer with the • symbol.
  • 7
    Are spikes beta?
  • 8
    Is Flower crown beta?
  • 9
    What is the “Jammalidays”?
  • 10
    Is the ‘patch tie’ beta?

Comments (11)


Name (15761)
21 hours ago
Spikes are NOT beta they are treasure hunt items from artic wolf
xDarkstarr Games on YT (11822)
9 days ago
aye ((fuchisa))
Nock nock whos there sans. sans who? sans the (16351)
23 days ago
Very snazzyits useful
youarefabulous36 (16351)
23 days ago
I GOT 9/10 WOOT WOOT u did amazin job
Emmerson (06099)
31 days ago
wow!! thats a fun beta test!!! do more
Lola (62558)
34 days ago

A YouTuber hehehe (29146)
46 days ago
Spikes are not beta. And yes (to all those who are wondering), the flower crowns are technically beta because they were released in the beta stage.

Even some things in the stores currently are beta though. Beta only means something was released during the beta stage. Although lots of people believe and say that “beta” means “anything out of stores” or “hasn’t been in stores for a while”, that is not true. Items out of stores are only rares (or seasonals). (Like dj headset, boa, and raccoon tails are examples of rare items) those things were released AFTER beta testing. A few things released during beta times are: Butterfly Wings, wind up key, and monocle. Those are some things that are true betas (I obviously didn’t list all the items that are/aren’t beta though) I just find the term “beta” is usually confused with the term “rare”. So hope this helps!

Btw I did lots of researching of this topic.
Chestnutty (47922)
60 days ago
Flowercrowns are not beta and spikes are not beta (you can get them from arctic wolf treasure hunts) and btw i have 2 flowercrwons a spike drag wkngs curly aners founders boots and bowtie but it thinks i have 4 betas... wow
2cata (91067)
67 days ago
I dont know wat to Say
Annie (20392)
75 days ago
I gots closer crown from this! Oh ya
Your name (23713)
92 days ago
Flower Crowns and spikes aren't beta though!!!