Are you a lesbian?

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Made by a real lesbian! Very accurate!

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    Have you ever been attracted to a girl? (sexually, etc.)

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Akward (90667)
The test says im bi. I think it might be right because lately i've been thinking a lot about lesbians and supporting lgbtq+. I'm a little confused now because I don't think anyone I know would believe me and might not like it.
Montana (19609)
how old are you i am bisexual
Unlucky (10130)
6 days ago
I’m bisexual but I like girls more. But most of my girl crushes are straight. There’s this one girl and I tried to tell her that I liked her but she thought it was a joke. she has nothing against bisexual people and I still really like her but I am afraid to tell her because I worried she wouldn’t want to be friends. Plz help!!! ☹️

Sincerely, Unlucky
A female (91546)
7 days ago
It says I'm bi but I'm to scared to come out only 2 of my friends know about it
FUN GAY FACT (99791)
8 days ago
I met miles McKenna! (Mileschronicles)
Depressedanonymous (85201)
9 days ago
hi, I'm 14 and I am pretty sure that I like guys but I have recently been feeling kinda awkward around my friend who is a girl and I always thought she was really pretty and nice. Of course she is straight, tough luck. I am fine with being lesbian or bisexual(the test said I was bisexual) but my dad is against that stuff. I'm not really worried about our relationship, I don't like him because he can be abusive and was never there for me (he's either at work or in his room on his computer doing who knows what) I'm worried about how he will react so this is really stressful and I've been losing so much sleep over it and getting bad grades (exams are coming up, YIKES) I know other people have worse situations, but until I moved from my home town I knew really well(I hate the city where I moved) I had a great life so I'm not used to it. Anyways thanks for reading if you did, just wanted to share my story
Katie (74019)
9 days ago
It says I’m bi. Idk what I am maybe the test is right.😶
I’m strait (37796)
9 days ago
What the flip I’m strait not bisexual zero stars
A girl (13000)
9 days ago
I am Bisexual but I don't know if my parents will except me. then again I don't know but if they don't like me for me then they will lose a nice daughter. I am 13 and my friends are not against. This stuff but my Goose bestie's dad is so I don't go there a lot anymore. I am scared that everyone will laugh at me I try to be happy but I like guys and girls so idk >_
Guy who thinks he’s trans but also migh (39551)
10 days ago
My friend kissed me the other day and I liked it and it made me think, I’ve never actually been attracted to a guy like really but girls were always really beautiful and stunning to me and when I would go change in the locker rooms I couldn’t help to stare so I think I’m a lesbian but then again I don’t know
Glee fan (81426)
10 days ago
I am a lesbian and have know for a while but am scared to come out because my parents are homophobic. I am 14.
lacy (93337)
11 days ago
I thought I was a lesbian but i'm straight, tough luck for my recent girlfriend we even had sex, like for real.
Random (08992)
12 days ago
Maddison Davis go onto chatzy search teens then click on lgbt teens
ThatGirlThatSaysShesBi (71039)
12 days ago
It said I’m bi and I say that I’m bi!!!! So good work quizI love teal....
IknowitsherejustforfunImnotstupid (71581)
13 days ago
So funny 2nd time I chose rainbow so I am a lesbian. When I had chosen black I'm bi.
IknowitsherejustforfunImnotstupid (71581)
13 days ago
These question asks about my personal things, things that makes my personality. They can not tell anyone what gender I'm attracted to.
Chloe (59516)
13 days ago
I love girls. There awesome, nice, cool, cute and sweet.
Chloe (59516)
13 days ago
I'm 13 but I like girls and I'm glad I took this Test I got full on Lesbian.
Jay dog (30385)
13 days ago
Okay his is not accurate for me! But awesome quiz! It said I'm bisexual (which I used to be) But I turned full lesbian a month ago.
Batman (65919)
13 days ago
You are most likely bisexual! good for you, you like both genders and I accept that about you
i'm not bi and for question 9 why not add straight?????????????