How much time till your first period?

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I'm 12 and I have my period so I'm trying to get all those experiences from the back of my mind for you guys in the form of a quiz. I also chat on the comments section by the name "Ana" if you need help. ❤️❤️

  • 1
    When did you start puberty?( Or think you did.)
  • 2
    How big are your breasts? 🔮 ( don't worry I'm not stalking specially about the fruits 😂)
  • 3
    How much hair do you have in your vagina? (Private part down there) 😇
  • 4
    When did your mom start her period? ( do you know?)
  • 5
    Are you physically mature? (You don't have to be emotionally I promise 😂)
  • 6
    How much underarm hair do you have? 😁
  • 7
    Do you need the shave your body? (Legs, arms etc) 😌 ( you don't need to be shaving for this question)!
  • 8
    Have you ever experienced vaginal discharge? ( white gooey stuff in your underwear. ) 😁
  • 9
    Any cramps? Or spotting? 😉( by the way it's okay if you haven't. I never got those before my period.)
  • 10
    Any cramps, spotting or mood swings? ( don't worry I your answer is no as I never had these before mine) 😉

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Belle (81140)
21 hours ago
Heyy Ana I took your quiz since you asked me to I don’t really feel comfortable putting my score on here but cool quiz Xx since there’s some more people on here I made a quiz about the show Greenhouse Academy this is the link:
If you haven’t seen this show then you should go watch it it’s on Netflix. Also, I completely recommend Ana’s quiz that tells you if your crush likes you the link for this one is:
Sophie (61951)
Age:10, grade 5
Discharge: a lot everyday
Cramps: everyday
Head aches: everyday
Mood swing: every other day
Bloating: idk
Pubic hair: darker than the colour on my head, i think stage 2
💗: I have a large bra from joe fresh I can fill it
I had a really bad pimple today
I think I started getting 💗 in grade 2-3
I have back pains everyday or ever other day
My sis got it at 11

Pls estimate me!
Ana (90092)
3 days ago
As I said in my last comment,
Your discharge is the most important symptom, and spotting.( bloating of your stomach too. )., if you have the other two, then you are certainly close but if you are 100% sure you don't have discharge then you're simply not ready! Keep updating though, !! If you're wondering, cramps can come even before your period due to exercise etc. I was also super hairy was before my period when I was 9!
Ana (90092)
3 days ago
That means you will be around 6-11 months till your period!! Keep updating!! I got my period around 9 months after I got my first discharge. You have a while to wait but discharge can be super annoying. I never wore them at that time but I recommend wearing "panty liners" which are like mini- only cotton pads. They're good for that... ❤️❤️
Girl (44744)
4 days ago
Hey everyone. I’m 11 and I’ve been getting occasional back and stomach cramps. I’ve been having a lot of mood swings, hair everywhere, and basically all the symptoms of a period. But I haven’t gotten any discharge yet? Can someone please tell me why that’s the only thing I’m missing out on? Thanks ❤️❤️
Pi (83963)
4 days ago
update: I started getting discharge what does that mean?
Abi (54655)
7 days ago
This is annoying it autocorrects V ag ina to 💗 and b oo bs to 💗
Abi (54655)
7 days ago
Also sometimes I get these pains on my 💗, is this a sign of my period?
Abi (54655)
7 days ago
I feel like this is a chat room about periods
Lanai (88405)
8 days ago
hey girls💕 Any new things?
Ana (87842)
8 days ago
Hi ❤️❤️❤️
Lanai (68362)
8 days ago
I'm here right now
Abi (54655)
9 days ago
Hey Guys anyone here rn
Pi (46109)
10 days ago
Thank you so much!! This definitely helps
Ana (35708)
11 days ago

The comment was meant for Pi but anyone is welcome to try those websites. 😄❤️❤️
Ana (35708)
11 days ago
Thx Abi and Pi, will do!!

Do you have snapchat, it can make things a whole lot easier. Yes I know how it feels when you're left out, your age seems fine, everything is okay, but you know, I was always uncomfortable to talk to my mom, but she srsly has helped me so much I wouldn't not be able to survive without her.,, speak to your mom. If you really want to try and find out, there are a bunch of websites out there. Here a few good ones,

This one is basic, but strong in background.

Again pretty simple but great to know, wikihow is an amazing place to check out!

I recommend this one, the most, but not all these have to be true!

This one is on the funny side-

Hope I helped girl, rember you're not the only one 😀😘
Pi (83963)
11 days ago
Any advice?
It’s kind of weird bc I’m the oldest in my friend group and they all have their periods, I feel like I’m going to get mine a lot later
And it’s awkward to talk to my mom about it😕
Is there any way I could find out more about when it might come?
Pi (83963)
11 days ago
Thank you! This rlly helps I wasn’t sure
Abi (54655)
11 days ago
Yeah it probably wasn’t really heavy it just seemed like a lot to me, but thank you for the help!
Ana (79122)
12 days ago
Actually, what you might call heavy might be light as when I saw the blood one very first period, I was horrified it was so much( in my view) but now turns out it wasn't even 1/6th!! Yeah I think it's ur period, it probably won't come for 45 days or so, even if it is spotting, your period is super close!