Do you like or love him?

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Do you like him as a friend, or do you have a crush on him? Take this quiz to find out!

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    How many times do you think about him in a day?

    Is it only when you see him, or at other times, too?

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Trinity (60419)
Ok so here's my story,
I met a guy in my 5th grade study hall. At first I thought he was a little bit crazy but he started to grow on me. Then we were in a lot of classes in 6th grade and we slowly became best friends. But then I was sure I had crush on him in 7th grade but I kept it a secret for a while because I had know idea if he liked me back, and I didn't know if he would think I was weird or not. But then this year in 8th grade a couple of weeks ago we were talking awkwardly about the 8th grade formal that would be on Valentines day, and how "stupid" it was probably going to be. Only I didn't think so, I really wanted to ask him to it! I didn't know he was thinking the same thing as me and he blurted out that he really liked me and asked me to the formal. I literally shouted yes and that I liked him too.
Then at the formal, we were slow dancing looking at a lot of couples around us kissing. He whispered to me how stupid people were to want to kiss in public. I laughed and agreed. But then he pulled me out into the hallway and held my hand and looked deeply into my eyes. He looked like he was afraid to make the first move so I inched closer slowly and kissed him. We kissed for a while before we decided to go back into the dance to get food (because we were both starving lol) After that, I guess we just became bf and gf without even asking each other.
😍🌈 Thanks for listening to my story!
confused (28990)
3 days ago
He asked me if i loved him and i dont know what to say becuase i dont know yet
Fidelya (05971)
3 days ago
I liked him a lot and i told a friend so she talked to him and i wrote him a note and one day he came running to my locker and asked me out and we haev been dating for 4 weeks and 2 days
elizabeth (39163)
3 days ago
he and i finally got together in middle school and now we are juniors in high school and we are already planning to have a wedding when we get out of our first year in college and get married on valentines day
Alexia (50495)
3 days ago
carolyn (24212)
4 days ago
this quiz was so helpful and now i am dating the guy i took this quiz for
Audrey (68635)
4 days ago
In have a story and it happened when we met in grade 2 when I walked into my new school and stared there were thousands of kids everywhere. As I walked into my classroom I saw 22 pairs of eyes staring at me. "Um... hi'' I stammered. And wondered what to do. Then a fat woman walked up to me and pointed me to my new seat. After a while i became friends with the kid sitting next to me and then at snack I asked him what he had and he said he had nothing. i gave him my biscuits and i ate a mandarin. Then after two more years we became best buds and soon we were making up our own secret writing ti each other that no one understood. Then it went all lovey dovey in year eight. We found ourselves saying our goodbyes and gave each other our numbers when we went to the same high school. We were super happy. But then he began to get bullied because he liked different things to most people. And soon he didn't want to talk to me. When the valentines dance was being held. In thought of not going until I got a message saying "will you come to the dance with me'' it was from my friend. Yes I replied and twenty minutes later we were dancing away to the music! Then as we walked to the exit he grabbed me and kissed me and said I love you and then he ran off.after that we began dating and now were bf and gf
Thnx for listening to my story
Audrey (68635)
4 days ago
In mean hi rhi that story was amazing! Stupid autofix changed rhi to rhino. Sorry
Audrey (68635)
4 days ago
Hj rhino that story was
rhi (40070)
4 days ago
you said you wanted to hear a story so here...

we met up on valentines day and we hug out with one of my friends because we wernt really plannning it it was only because we go to the same athletics club. anyway after the athletics club he went with me to romford and he knew he was gonna get into trouble so why come? anyway we did a bit of flirting and all dat and my friend was like oh you guys are meant for eachother i was like naaaah and he was so quiete, we were in romford for like 2 hours and we did hug alot and he put his arm around me alot. when we started heading home to drop my friend off home we started talking alot about love and relationships and then he put his arm around me and held me, and then i just admitted to him that i lliked him, he was gassed. he told me he liked me too and that the first time he met me he thought i was piff and all that... i stared into his eyes and he stared back and he said that he loved me and he kissed me. we went all the way to his home (dw nothing saucy happened it was outside the door) and he told me it was the best valentines day he has ever had and that he didnt want me to go. i told him i didnt want to go either and i love him then he said that when he gets in hes just gonna smile and cry tears of joy because i made his day. i was happy about that. he is the most adorable boy but theres one problem... hes a year younger then me and tbh i never lked a younger until now ( i feel a bit stupid ) he asked me before all this did you ever go uot with a younger and i was like no and he got a bit upset, i didnt realise until now he was giving me suttle hints that he liked me. i would sit next to him everytime and we would mess around and i would put my head on his shoulder and he would stroke my hair and look into my eyes. i melt everytime he does that...

so yh thats my story. now we meet up everytime we get a chance to, and i definatly dont regret the day i met him or anything

though its weird that boys my age dont satisfiy me but a boy younger then me can anyway yh