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Multiple Choice

True / False


Multiple Choice Quiz

In a Multiple Choice Quiz, only one of several answers is correct.
Suitable for:
Knowledge quizzes and trivia tests
Not suitable for:
Personality tests and love tests

  • 1
    How long is the river Volga?
    3.530 km (right answer)
    3.540 km (wrong answer)
    3.450 km (wrong answer)

True / False Test

You can define if the "right" or the "wrong" answer should be counted as a correct one.
Suitable for:
Knowledge quizzes and trivia tests
Personality tests and love tests

  • 1
    Volga is the longest river in Europe.
    True (correct answer)
    False (wrong answer)

Selection Quiz

Each possible answer can be coupled to a score value. There are no wrong answers, only answers with different score values. The result depends on the sum value.
Suitable for:
Personality tests and love tests
Not suitable for:
Knowledge quizzes and trivia tests

  • 1
    Do you think he likes you?
    Yes (10 points)
    Probably (20 points)
    Nope (5 points)

Tube Quiz

Purity Test

Test about

Fan fiction

Tube Quiz

In a Tube Quiz, you categorize the answers. The results will be the most chosen category.
Suitable for:
Personality tests and love tests
Not suitable for:
Knowledge quizzes and trivia tests

  • 1
    Which is your favorite color?
    Blue (category A)
    Red (category B)
    Green (category C)

Purity Test

The 'Yes' answers are counted. The more 'Yes' answers, the more pure you are.
Not suitable for:
Personality tests and love tests
Knowledge quizzes and trivia tests

  • 1
    Did you ever kiss someone?

Test about Yourself

If you create a test about yourself, you can share it with your friends and see how well they know you. Only one of several answers is correct.

  • 1
    Which is my favorite food?
    Pizza (right answer)
    Cookies (wrong answer)
    Ice cream (wrong answer)

Fan fiction

You can create your own fan fiction / story with up to 100 chapters. You can add a picture to each chapter.


Hello, my name is John. I have lived a long life. I had everything that people would dream of. Money, women and a huge house, But what brings you the best hand crafted gold chandelier if you know someone is out there.

Someone who would've been able to love only you, If you didn't make this one mistake.

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Our Tips for an Exciting Quiz

1. Designing a quiz takes a lot of time. You will need at least 30 minutes!
2. Once you have designed your quiz, you cannot make any changes! So design it with the utmost care!
3. Start by writing your introduction, questions and answers using a word processing program. This will save you online costs and you cannot lose your work if any problems with the internet connection appear. This also enables you to use the spell checker. Finally you can transfer your data to using the copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) function.
4. Write a gripping introduction!
6. For every question you must enter three to five answering options!
7. You can enter four different evaluation texts for praising or criticising your participants for their knowledge.
8. Please note that your quiz will not appear immediately on Each quiz needs to be checked for its contents (see points 1 and 2)! However, you can incorporate your quiz immediately into your home page, where it will function right away!

The Rules

As always, all good things in life require a few rules. Please read these rules carefully and confirm that you are willing to comply with them. You will also be provided with some hints on how to design the test.
1. Only use your own ideas for questions! Make sure you do not infringe any copyrights. The author is solely responsible for complying with the requirements of the law.
2. Your quiz must not contain any material violating the law or be suspect of being illegal, for example:
- pornographic material
- violation of human rights
- Crack of Warez
- trademarks
- praise of violence
- etc.
3. reserves the right to delete a test at any time if there is reason to believe that rules 1 or 2 have been violated.
4. You grant permission to publish the test on the website (questions, answers, introduction and evaluation).
5. Your name and e-mail address will not be passed to third parties, but will be published at the end of your test to enable quiz participants to send their comments and hints to you.

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