Wrestling 101

A menial wrestling quiz interesting and fun

Question 1:Who started the tah-team T&A?
Trish Stratus
Stack Keibler
Question 2:What is The Rock's most famous quote?
Who The Blue Hell Are You?
Lay The Smackdown On Your Candyass
Do You Smeel What The Rock Is Cookin'
Question 3:Who was not in the Undisputed Championship Tournament at Vengeance?
Booker T
The Rock
Kurt Angle
Steve Austin
Chris Jericho
Question 4:Who was the former Adam Bomb?
Bryan Adams
Nelson Frasier
The Barbarian
Brian Clarke
Big Boss Man
Question 5:Who is considered the most decorated Tag-Team in wrestling history?
Harlem Heat
Money Inc.
Dudley Boyz
Question 6:Who started the whole Attitude WWF thing?
Mick Foley
Rocky Miavia
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
Steve Austin
Question 7:Who won Rookie Wrestler of the year in PWI?
Shelton Benjamin
Randy Orton
Brock Lesnar
Question 8:Who won Most Improver Wrestler in PWI?
The Hurricane
Kurt Angle
Question 9:Who won Wrestler of the Year in PWI?
Kurt Angle
Rob Van Dam
The Rock
Booker T
Steve Austin
Question 10:Who has the best chance to win the Tag Titles at Wrestle Mania this year?
Hardy Boyz
Billy & Chuck
Dudley Boyz

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