How Much do You Know About Rap and R&B Music?

See how much you know about Rap and R&B music?

Question 1:What was the name of Ludacris' 1st cd?
Share my World
Back for the First Time
Rule 3:36
Question 2:What was the name of Alicia Keys 1st cd?
Songs In A Minor
Whats The 411
Pain is Love
Question 3:Who are the Rap and R&B duo who are the stars of the Best of Both Worlds Tour?
Usher and Nas
Mary j. Blidge and Missy Elliot
Jay-Z and R.Kelly
Question 4:Who made the worst transition from sports player to rapper?
Kobe Bryant
Allen Iverson
Question 5:Which of these lady singers debuted with this song ''Oops Oh My''.
Jill Scott
Question 6:Which couple was featured in the song ''U got it Bad''. (:hint the song is made by Usher:)
Usher and T-Boz
Usher and Lefteye
Usher and Chili
Question 7:Which cd was R.Kellys' best?
Twelve Play 1
Question 8:Who is the cutest couple?
Natina Reed and Kurupt
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
Aaliyah and Damon Dash
Question 9:What is Lil Zanes' real name?
Zane Calloway
Zane Collins
Zane Copeland
Question 10:What is Ludacris' real name?
Chris Williams
Chris Simpson
Chris Bridges
Question 11:What city does Ludacris represent?
L.A. (Los Angeles)
Da-Land (Cleveland)
Atl (Atlanta)
Question 12:What movie featured Ja'Rule?
The Fast and The Furious
How High

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