Test Your A. Q. (Acronym Quotient)

What's your Acronym Quotient? Take this test over some of the commands most commonly used in ITI and find out!

Question 1:What does DDA stand for?
Don't Do that Again!
Deposit Demanding Account
Demand Deposit Account
Question 2:What does SAV stand for?
Standard Average Volume
Sports Activity Vehicle
Savings Account
Question 3:What does SDB stand for?
Someone's Deposit Box
Safe Deposit Box
Safely Deposited Box
Question 4:What does the SSN command relate to?
It stands for Scuba Source Diving Network
You can use it to bring up all of the portfolios including a given social security number
It stands for the Skate Snow Network
Question 5:What does IRA stand for?
Individual Run Average
Investment Retirement Account
Individual Retirement Account
Question 6:What does COD stand for?
Certificate Of Deposit
Cash On Demand
Come On Down!
Question 7:What does STMT stand for?
Stated Tentative Meeting Time
Standard Teller Meeting
Question 8:What does PRINT stand for?
Public Relations Intern
Principle Interest
Question 9:What does PORT stand for?
Port Authority
Question 10:What does the CARD command pertain to?
St. Louis Cardinals
Cardiovascular Disease
ATM Card
Question 11:What does the NOTE command allow you to access?
Question 12:What does the TAX command pull up?
Missouri State Sales Tax
Interest Summary

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