Production Methods

Test your knowledge of production methods

Question 1:Job production means ...
producing similar products together
made on a production line
made using one skill
a product is made individually from start to finish.
Question 2:Batch production means ...
production of one product.
made in Spain
doesn't mean anything.
the production of similar goods in large numbers.
Question 3:A bridge would be made by which method?
Mass/Continuous Flow
Question 4:A pair of trainers would be made by which method?
Question 5:Mass/Continuous flow production means ...
One off production
making similar goods in large numbers
The manufacturing of identical goods in vast numbers
Made in Europe
Question 6:Project production means ...
making similar goods in large numbers
Made in China
making identical good in large numbers
special one-off products or events
Question 7:The Millenium Dome is an example of which method of production?
Question 8:Which of the following is an advantage of job production?
high quality products
expensive to make
lot of labour needed
difficult to speed up production
Question 9:Which of these is a disadvantage of batch production?
storage is necessary, raising costs
some variety of product
workers can become more specialised
production costs would be lower
Question 10:Which of the choices below is a disadvantage of mass production?
high output/low cost
easy to check quality
low labour costs
huge cost of machinery

This Quiz has been designed by K Westwood.