The Secret Identity Quiz

Think you know your comics? Find out your Comic IQ by answering 10 simple questions about your favorite heroes' secret identities !

Question 1:What is Spider-man's real name?
Reed Richards
Matt Murdock
Petey Pablo
Sammy Sosa
Peter Parker
Question 2:What is the real name of Venom?
Bruce Banner
Eddie Brock
Ben Grimm
Erid Stein
Ben Stein
Question 3:What is the real name of Iron Man?
Tony Stark
Terry Starr
Tommy Stern
Tommy Chong
Donald Trump
Question 4:What is Thor's secret identity?
Jimmy Stewart
Jimmy Olsen
Thor (His parents actually named him Thor)
Jake Olsen
Ashley Olsen
Question 5:Who is Daredevil?
Lance Murdock
Matt Murdock
Lance Bass
Deacon Frost
Max Murdock
Question 6:What is Wolverine's real name?
Logan Berry
Wolvie (His parents actually named him Wolvie)
Question 7:What is Giant Man's real name?
Hank Pym
Henry Pym
Hank Mc Coy
Henry Harrison
Hank E. Panky
Question 8:What is Doctor Doom's real name?
Erik Von Doom
Merrin Von Doom
Viktor Von Doom
Leif Von Doom
Justin Timberlake
Question 9:Who is the Kingpin?
Rex Wilson
Chester Fisk
Wilson Rex
Fatboy Slim
Wilson Fisk
Question 10:What is Angel's real name?
Chester Alan Maximillion III
Westchester Wu IV
Warren Worthington III
Sir Richard Roundtree III
Maximillion Worthington V

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