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Am I a Good Girlfriend?

Are you a good girlfriend?

Are you a good girlfriend?

Are you good Girlfriend? V2

Are you a good Girlfriend?

Am I a good girlfriend?

Are you a good girlfriend/match

Comments (47)


Kay Kay (14069)
4 days ago
I am a good girlfriend I always talk to my boyfriend and make sure that he is 👌.
jagoda (00619)
12 days ago
im not sure if im a good girlfriend still.
Elizabeth (53826)
15 days ago
I think I’m a bad girlfriend
suzane (25724)
18 days ago
im a great lover to my boyfriend as long he treats me well
A girl (72171)
19 days ago
I like to be in his phone all throne and a bad girlfriend
Charlie (66332)
27 days ago
Am I a good girlfriend?
lisa (27713)
27 days ago
am i a good girl frend or not
Aliyah (07162)
33 days ago
bindu (89379)
35 days ago
Love is just a small thing 2 say abt him he is really a very nice guy.My boyfriend is my future husband and he is my 1St luv and I luv him forever
Lauren (78409)
36 days ago
I love my boyfriend but he has cheated on me but my dream has come true because I am with someone else
Dean (20123)
38 days ago
I have love but today's I known
Julia (27925)
39 days ago
Love at first touch is not always a good relationship.
EMILY (38889)
40 days ago
I have a boy problem at school and the reason why I do is because there's a boy that asked me if I would like to go out with him and I said yes But I Need information on what's it like
sc (69726)
48 days ago
love all these testes tbh
Lydia (77665)
48 days ago
I think boys are stupid! But not all the time.
A girl (99721)
52 days ago
I’ll try the best to make him happy because he’s the love of my life...
Maddie ziegler (59517)
56 days ago
I dated this guy named ronni he makes me crazy i asked him out he said yes we dated for about to weeks than he started to Amor me all my friends said when I was with him I was happy all the time than I was depressed all the Time we still hang out only in classes but he's dated like five other girls sans than if only dated one but I say I don't like him any more but the truth is I think I love him I'm going to make a move one day just not now I'm scared
Yarelis (07106)
57 days ago
My boyfriend was nice for a while and then he just went brutal it broke my heart because I loved him but I had to break up with him and move on and I did and he got mad does this make me a bad gf
Zoe (20072)
63 days ago
My boyfriend knows how to keep me happy
Katie (71581)
65 days ago
My boyfriend is the best he treats me right