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Are you good Girlfriend? V2

Are you a good girlfriend?

Are you a good Girlfriend?

Are you a good girlfriend/match

Am I a good girlfriend?

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libby (78927)
78 days ago
Please answer honestly. This could help you improve your relationship
samantha h (16969)
92 days ago
I love josh combs he is so cute and sweet and dreamy he sits right beside me in class it is so hard to not look at him all the time.
Lilly (77076)
119 days ago
My friend kissed on the lips wow. Boyfriends
jessica (93287)
127 days ago
I love Lucas from primary school
Lakshmi (85822)
144 days ago
hi thank you every much
Nicole degrwe (00067)
151 days ago
I have a lot of problem we can not do have the stuff I whont to do because he does not whont to hold hand becouse we might get cot but the teacher do not car because there just there for the money he like the kids or looking at us I am like so he like let go of my hand we never got to see each other becouse I do not have his phone number or his address his name is Joey weight