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Are you a lesbian?

Are you a lesbian? (?)

Are you a lesbian? (?)

The Lesbian Scenario Game

Lesbian Scenario Quiz, Let’s Turn You On

Lesbian Scenario Quiz, Let’s Turn You On

Lesbian Scenario Quiz: Ace Edition

Lesbian Scenario Quiz

Lesbian Situations: Ace Edition!

Am I a Lesbian? (Girls only Plz)

Are you Bi, Lesbian or Straight? (Women)

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Confused14 (99560)
12 hours ago
To mel 12, Thank you my so called friend has showed her true coors lately and I brought up people being gay and she doent really approve of it and she has been a b**ch latley soo yah and I would love to be friends!!
Jade (32566)
Hi everyone, I'm lesbian. I just can't accept it because very few people in my country can accept homosexuality. At first I wasn't but I didn't mind those who were but then I met a girl at my boarding school who didn't know either. It took us a year to admit to each other his we really feel. She lives very far away so during the holidays we r separated for a month. I feel so incomplete when I'm not with her and I don't know why.I know that I have to stop with this because nobody in the community will accept me. I currently have a boyfriend but I don't feel anything for him. She's my girl and she loves me so much and so do I.
Mel 12 (33907)
6 days ago
To Confused14, I have similar problems like that. If I was you I would ditch does 'friends' of yours. I had friends like those and I ended up losing them to the most popular girl in the sixth grade. I know how you feel, but don't make the mistake I made. We could be friends if you want, but don't hang out with the people who don't like your true self.
Mel 12 (02062)
6 days ago
Hi my name is Melanie and I'm pretty sure I am lesbian. For one thing, I've had dreams about girls and somehow end up dating them. I'm not sure whether or not to tell my parents, 'cause I've seen kids trying to tell their parents and it ended up in them being disowned.I don't want that to happen. I've recently been crushing on this girl in my orchestra class and I think she knows. I've tried to talk to her, but it's hard to talk to someone you like, you know? Especially since I play the biggest instrument in class. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it.
Confused14 (99560)
6 days ago
Hey my name is Abby and I am pretty sure I like girls but I just don't know. I go to a catholic school so if I do come out it would not be easy. Also I would loose my friends I know it cause they wouldn't accept me. I know I know they are not your true friends if they don't accept who you really are but I guess I don't have any other people that would accept me. I feel really sad inside that people won't treat me the same you know? There is this girl lets call her J and J came out not too long ago as bi and no I don't like her but she is making a huge deal and my friend and I were talking about it and she said something about how she is glad that she isn't going through that cause she is not lgbtq+ and I was like "yah, same, for sure!" you know like you don't know what I am hiding on the inside.
Also I have been questioning lately who I am and who I want to be and I have been thinking about doing it with a girl and a boy and I think with a girl would be better and I much rather not have his you know inside of me so yah I think I am lesbian but I just don't know.
I just needed to get that out and if anyone wants to talk on here just let me know my name will be confused14 every time. Thanks for reading if you got this far just looking for advise
A young girl (45774)
8 days ago
Hi :) I'm here because I'm really going thru rough times with this. I'm 12 but I've been dreaming and crushing on girls. I'm always like if I was a boy id totally date that girl but I'm not and I want to date her. She's a good friends of mine and I've been crushing on her for a couple months now. I always try to hang around her because well I like her but it will sadly never work out :(
JaneJakobsen (20784)
8 days ago
Hello I'm 19. I have a boyfriend, but I really want to try kiss or touch a girl😍
amir (01320)
10 days ago
Hi i am love lezbian i am boys
Monica (45190)
12 days ago
I am 16 years old and I'm confused I dont know if I'm a lesbian or not one day at school I want with one of my friends to the bathroom and we went to one of the little rooms And I told her that I was going to ask her something but then I kissed her
Izzzzz (23907)
12 days ago
Hello,i'm 14.I'm here because well my high level of lesbian are way more extreme,i've always been dreaming about a girls instead of a boys.You know that a lot of kpop artist female are beautiful.Since i start fangirling on them,one of these female makes try to get attract my attention so i don't know but i've just seen her in a television.An idol,of course.But it went started that when i dreaming about female,i'm becoming a man.If i dream about a man,i've become a woman,very strange becoming a man.But my level high lesbian is extreme.I've kept dreaming about a female idol.When i just wake up,i'm smiling that i have a best dream ever.Hahaha,mypeople doesn't know that i'm a lesbian,i hope you can give me an advice?Btw i'm non stop thinking about a woman.It feels like i've been reborn in a wrong gender but i doesn't matter,i've been born as a lesbian girl,i guess>
Taylor Jordansen (97321)
14 days ago
Hey I'm 13 years old and I think I'm bi curious, I have a huge interest in boys and I'm totally straight, and I don't have any crushes on girls. But I do sometimes think about making out with a girl and touching her 💗, but my family is Christian. So I don't know what to do. I know I'm totally straight most of the time, but just sometimes I think about other than that. Idk, maybe it's just a phase, but I don't know, I fantasise about girls and boys, but girls are pretty and we can do the same things to each other, but boys are so hot and we can multiply with children which would be so cute. So can someone please give me advice??
Arely (50118)
16 days ago
I really like someone but i dont think she's gay snd im 11 i am confused about my sexuality i like girls more than boys
erica (73703)
18 days ago
I am 19 .t I Like girl very much ,when I see a beautiful girl, I am vey enjoy it .
Person12345 (77458)
19 days ago
Dear Elise, Good for you being your true self but you shouldn’t be a lesbian if you want to you should be one because that is who you you are and you cannot change it.
Elise (67776)
21 days ago
I’m 9 and I’m a Les but I love it I just broke up with my boyfriend because I want to be a les
Annolover (72443)
22 days ago
I love my best friend but scared to tell her, any advice??? Ahh she's so pretty yes im only twelve and im allowed to date. how do i tell her i love her more than just a bffl???
Person12345 (78504)
23 days ago
Dear……, I am very sorry to say but I think you should back off on her because she doesn’t love you like you lover her and you should adventure and find someone who will love and care for you the same
Falu (04026)
26 days ago
Yahhh I have no experienced ever but exited to love a girl and want to share my emotions to her.
Nyl Ruby Rose (01615)
26 days ago
I just wanted to express my self... but I can't.. because I get scared. For what others say, so I just wanted to say who am I.
......12849 (67767)
28 days ago
Hi. I am a girl.I am 14,and i am a lesbian.This summer i finally expressed my feelings to a friend of mine which is a girl and she is 2-or maybe-3 years younger than me.she is straight thats for sure.she is very very very mature for her age.she have had a couple of relationships with boys(just kissing).It has been 2 years since i first understood that i had a crush on starting to think that its obsession and not love..maybe... idk. We still talk the way we did before. She hasnt refused my feelings though.she doesnt tell me whether she would do something with me or not...when i say to her "you would never go with me right?" she says " i never said that...." but when i say " that means theres a slight possibility for" she says "maybe" or " thats not what i said" .im confussed and for the first time in my life i think im only thinking of me,myself and i...what should i do? I surely cant give up..i love her and that will never change and she knows that.she likes torturing me a lot.and we laugh about that.i cannot tell anyone that i am gay beacause i live in greece where gay,lesbians and generally homosexuals are not very family is opposite in these things its very hard for me to feel free and love the person i want to love.not until i leave home.could i get some help,please?