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Are you a lesbian? (?)

Are you a lesbian? (?)

Are you a lesbian?

Lesbian Scenario Quiz

Are you a lesbian?

The Lesbian Scenario Game

Are you a lesbian?

Lesbian Scenario Quiz: Ace Edition

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Carla (92867)
40 days ago
I am also attracted to my best friend and want to kiss her so bad then one day I told her that I like her at a sleep over and she turned around and when I touched her shoulder she just turned around and kissed me and we started dating but I still have not told my parents:(
Layla (69880)
40 days ago
Hi I REALLY wanna have💗with my best friend i asked her and she said no! And I cried then she kissed me
not giving my name (09726)
40 days ago
hey I am not a lesbian never I like sexy boys
Jayden (82641)
41 days ago
I am in love with my best friend and every time I see her I just wanna grab her and kiss her I have faked a crush on a boy but nobody knows the truth about me and the other day she told me she wanted to kiss me and I said yes and now we’re dating
Emma (92867)
42 days ago
I am in love with my best friend and I don't know why but every time I look at her I want to kiss her but I force my self not to and have stoped hanging out with her but I miss her what should I do?
sorry i dont want my name to be known (44237)
44 days ago
hi I am not sure if I am but I think I am attracted to my best friend I don't know what to do. I don't want to say anything either because I am scared they will treat me differently. I faked crushes but I really like her.
Joyce (66326)
46 days ago
Hello, I am a lesbian and I am young and my mom was like "she is just going through a faze" I hate when people say you are to young to know what u want but I think I speak for when I say "I KNOW WHAT I WANT AND I AM NOT TO YOUNG TO KNOW AND ITS NOT A FAZE"
Diana. (75542)
47 days ago
I'm eleven, and I'm pretty sure I'm a lesbian. If not, bi, at least, and swinging more to girls. I have this major crush on a friend who's straight, but I'm pretty sure I'm never going to tell her. It'd just make our friendship - we're quite close - awkward. I've faked crushes on other guys so people don't figure out that I'm not straight, because I don't think they'll accept me. I may tell a couple friends in a few years time, but it'll probably be, like, five/six years into the future that I tell my family, because I think some are homophobic, and some may be supportive, but I don't know. I'm starting year seven next year at a catholic school and a lot of Christians don't support LGBTQ+, and I know I shouldn't be stereotypings but I feel like they won't be supportive. My friends will probably leave me, too, at least some of them. I always lie if I'm asked what my sexual orientation is ever since I found out I wasn't straight, which was ages ago, I just couldn't figure out what I was - homosexual, pan, bi, etc - and I just say straight because it will guarantee I'm accepted everywhere.
Hello (74757)
51 days ago
GG Thanks for that. I was worried about being gay because I am Christian, but now I realize you can love anyone and God will accept it as long as I keep my faith.
GG (62611)
52 days ago
Some of you think you have to give up your religion of Christianity, because you are gay. This is untrue. I know that God loves all people, and will forgive you as long as you have faith in Jesus Christ. God loves all of his creation. All you need is faith, and you will be forgiven. Of course, no one can force you to be any certain religion, but wouldn't you rather believe and have that small chance, than not believe and have no chance at all. God loves all people, even if they do not believe in him.
Avery (75714)
53 days ago
Hahaha same Ashley 👉👌😧👆👆👊😫👅👅👙👄✌💕
Ashley (04261)
53 days ago
Don’t Know (19786)
53 days ago
I’m 12 and have a major crush on a girl and nobody knows I have faked crushes on guys so no one would realise is it to early to say I’m a lesbian
Mel 12 (88758)
55 days ago
To Confused 14, glad we can be friends! I'm glad the advice worked better than it did for me. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Cookie Islas (71479)
55 days ago
Confused 14 my situation is similar at my school a lot of kids are homophobic
Cookie Islas (71479)
55 days ago
Confused 14 do you want to be my friend I’m 11 almost 12 years old
Confused14 (99560)
63 days ago
To mel 12, Thank you my so called friend has showed her true coors lately and I brought up people being gay and she doent really approve of it and she has been a b**ch latley soo yah and I would love to be friends!!
Jade (32566)
64 days ago
Hi everyone, I'm lesbian. I just can't accept it because very few people in my country can accept homosexuality. At first I wasn't but I didn't mind those who were but then I met a girl at my boarding school who didn't know either. It took us a year to admit to each other his we really feel. She lives very far away so during the holidays we r separated for a month. I feel so incomplete when I'm not with her and I don't know why.I know that I have to stop with this because nobody in the community will accept me. I currently have a boyfriend but I don't feel anything for him. She's my girl and she loves me so much and so do I.
Mel 12 (33907)
68 days ago
To Confused14, I have similar problems like that. If I was you I would ditch does 'friends' of yours. I had friends like those and I ended up losing them to the most popular girl in the sixth grade. I know how you feel, but don't make the mistake I made. We could be friends if you want, but don't hang out with the people who don't like your true self.
Mel 12 (02062)
68 days ago
Hi my name is Melanie and I'm pretty sure I am lesbian. For one thing, I've had dreams about girls and somehow end up dating them. I'm not sure whether or not to tell my parents, 'cause I've seen kids trying to tell their parents and it ended up in them being disowned.I don't want that to happen. I've recently been crushing on this girl in my orchestra class and I think she knows. I've tried to talk to her, but it's hard to talk to someone you like, you know? Especially since I play the biggest instrument in class. If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it.