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Are you a lesbian?

Are you a lesbian? (?)

Are you a lesbian? (?)

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Lesbian Scenario Quiz, Let’s Turn You On

Lesbian Scenario Quiz, Let’s Turn You On

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Lesbian Scenario Quiz

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Am I a Lesbian? (Girls only Plz)

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Person12345 (98253)
27 days ago
Dear ......., I have recently thought long about it am I am bi I prefer girls more but I think I have to ease myself into actually truly knowing that it is true that I am a lesbian but I don’t have to put a huge label on it. I still second guess myself but I am proud of who I am and I hope you are too. My issue is that about a month I saw this girl and I had butterflies it was great but I told myself that i am straight so now I just ignore it plus she is a senior but still!! Now again I do an extra circular and there is a girl and she is 2 grades ahead of me and we would just talk but now I started to have feelings for her!! I cannot get her out of my head!! I don’t know if she is bi lesbian idk what do I do!!
.......... (57489)
29 days ago
This is how I am too person 12345. I’m also 14 and I always thought I was straight until maybe a year or two ago I started thinking about the possibility of me being gay but it wasn’t that serious. This year I’ve started seriously questioning myself and I think I am gay. Like you the thought of being with a girl feels more natural to me. I’ve never really liked guys and I never related when my friends would talk about cute guys or hot Celebrities. I’m still pretty confused. What if I’m not gay? What if I’m just being 💗? What if it’s just a phase? I think I might be scared to admit it and I know that’s where I need to begin but idk. I just wish I could have everything figured out.
Person12345 (82536)
31 days ago
Hi I am 14 (girl) I always thought I was straight until this year I started thinking about girls and I just declined what I thought about and just ignored it and kept telling myself that I am straight. (Also I go to a catholic school so if I am.. you get the point) Then summer came around and I started thinking about it more and more and I thought hmm would I rather do it with a boy or girl and it was a pretty simple question to answer and I thought and my answer was girls I rather have💗with a girl than a boy. But I still don’t know i I am gay or not. Now I think about it daily and I fantasize about it. Please help
Miranda S (51852)
32 days ago
Hey guys, listen. I’m 18 and I know that i’m attracted to all genders, but I’ve not always knew that. I know it can be sooooo difficult to find yourself and your preferences and everything when you’re about 12/13, but I promise that this test not will give you the answers. Everyone are different and I laughed/cringed at every single one of these questions! it makes me sad tho that so many people just believe that every gay person is the same. I have long hair, likes to sing, hang out with my friends and wear a dress, but it still has nothing to do with my sexual preferences. I promise you guys that you will eventually find yourself, without internet and weird quizzes!
June (47890)
39 days ago
Am I straight if I get really turned on by the idea of a girl doing stuff to me? Guys are ok, but I always end up thinking about girls.
Bridgett Thoko (80748)
40 days ago
am a bit confused ..i think am bisexual but then sometimes i think am straight ..i get really turned on by lesbians but i like boys
Eva (23542)
43 days ago
I am 14 and I have a crush on this extremely cute girl in my class she is BEAUTIFUL I need advice please. Also she is lesbian and she flirts with me so I think I have some luck
Alejandra (82578)
54 days ago
I'm about to turn 16 in a few weeks. I go to a very liberal school but have an old fashioned family. If they knew I was bi they would be so disappointed I just wanna meet some one with out them knowing.
Jaylianna (63691)
57 days ago
I'm 11also and I'm lesbian
Kalasia1097456 (89321)
58 days ago
I'm so confused am I bisexual or lesbian I don't look at boys I look at girls I feel like I like💗then at the same time I like 💗 I look at girls and be like ooh she fine and look at boys and be like meh he ugly then my parents hate gay people like what do I do I told my friends they don't care but I'm concerned about my parents what if I am lesbian I like touching girls 🌈🌈🌈
71 days ago
Please tell me how do you know if your lesbian? I'm so confused right now and it happens a lot. I got out of relashionship with guy just thinking we should stay friends and everytime I look at girl I can hardly look them in eyes ugggh I'm just so confused so help!!
Chloe (97332)
81 days ago
Hi i am 13...i am bi..ish...this test said i am lesbian, i think i am cause i just find!😂
Amani (74063)
83 days ago
I chose one lesbian question and it said I was lesbian all the way, all the rest I chose guy stuff
jojo (27172)
86 days ago
The test told me I was a lesbian
jojo (27172)
86 days ago
Hey,iam a lesbian and I have boyfriend but I font know what to do he likes me a lot but I need I girl so if any one is looking for a girl friend I am here iam 12 almost 13 brown hair green eyes and skiny thanky you love you 😚
Joanna (71081)
88 days ago
I'm confused my friend touched my hand then all my body was burning suddenly and my hands was really shaken what does that mean😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sasharay (45290)
89 days ago
Am..10 and I have..a. gf and she's 11 but when we're older we will meet each other I can't wait to meet her quq i loved guys...I think but I loved gurls more..i idk what to tell my mom am lesbain ;-;
Jjgamer (25195)
91 days ago
I think im a lesbian but if I tell my parents ill have them bombarding me with questions. (I am also 12 soon to be 13) plus I dont talk to my parents much i say like....5 words a day to them and thats it. can anyone give me advice? i
Samantha and jenea (79780)
93 days ago
I am 9 and she is nine i love her babe and we will live in a mantion
Cassie (12071)
97 days ago
I'm 12 turning 13 and I like girls. Not sure if I'm bi or a lesbian but I feel like either way my parents will think I'm copying my older sister. My parents are also Christians so, yay