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Are you in love?

Do you like a guy? (only for girls)

Do you like a guy? (only for girls)

Do you like him?

Do You Really Love Him/Her Or Is He/She Just A Crush?

Do I like him (scenarios)?

Are you in love with him or you just like him?

Are you in love with him or you just like him?

Do I actually like him?

Are You Falling For Him?

How much do you like him on a scale of 1-10?

How much do you like him?

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Comments (44)


Homeschooler (42490)
6 days ago
HI every one I just have a suggestion I know there aren't many homeschoolers but for those of us who are (or at least I) would like a test on crush for homeschoolers just a thought
Yolokazi (44877)
10 days ago
L I love him 100% i have feels for him
Love me (03127)
12 days ago
Alright so I have this friend,and he looks like justin beaber lol but I don't like him I just want to know if I'm right
malak (47425)
48 days ago
OMG : I caught my crush staring at me maybe 5 times. I really think that he likes me : ) OMG
Rebecca Ferguson (22790)
81 days ago
Omg he just stares at me weirdly and he sits with me at lunch and he has told me to be the leader of the group whenever he is in detention
Jiya Sinha (61571)
98 days ago
I love you yaar.. I love you very much... please don't leave me , I can't live without you !
149 days ago
Omg whenever he talks to me he does this cute head-bob thing!! Hes so cute I LUV HIM!! He talks to me playfully and is kinda shy around me. Im shy around him too. Whenever im within earshot of him and his friends he says "Hay guys remember the super cool thing i did?" HES SO CUTE
Marla (51721)
153 days ago
Hi there are you telling me you a guys
Diana (51721)
153 days ago
I have a crush on this 🚶
darra (71895)
169 days ago
This is cool so this boy likes me and I like him what do we do now
alexis18 (60572)
195 days ago
sometimes I don't know if I love it's complicated but when I did the quizzes I finally got the answer. I am In love with him.
bree22 (73907)
222 days ago
I don't know if I luv him or not. I am happy around him but when my friends ask about him I say that we arnt together
BETTY (22018)
256 days ago
NICKI (79739)
281 days ago
brooke (74164)
287 days ago
pls someone answer my boyfriend is so hot he calls m bae,baby,sweet heart,and all kinds of things sweet .his full name is jon deery no kidding heaton manor
brooke (74164)
287 days ago
my boyfriend and me have close birthdays his is 6th march and mine is 24th march he is 4 weeks older than me and we are both 12 in 5 days he is 13
brooke (74164)
287 days ago
i have a boyfriend called jon we go to the same school and live near each other . we first got together because we were simllar ,we both had a younger brother and sister ,i have kissed him and hugged him he is a good kisser
emily (67192)
379 days ago
I had my 1st love n I really do love him. We broke up with a small mistakes,but I still wanna get him back what should I do am just 13yrs old?
rosy bella (67192)
379 days ago
I had my 1st love nnn he always tells me that he really loves me,but sometimes it seems that he played me, am only 13yrs old n am heartbroken. What should I do?
Heela (28707)
423 days ago
I don't now if he like me or not what should I do and he is also siting on my table also and I love him so much can anybody help me he's name is comron!!!!!!(cry)(cry)(sad)(sad)