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Does he like me as more than a friend?

Does He Like You? (Test for Girls)

Does he love you? (Only girls)

Does your crush like you?

Does he like you? For girls 10-12

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anonymous2.0 ( 66868 )
Posted 4 days ago
this kid in my class always steals my eraser and jokes around with me till he gives it back. he talks to me a lot. once he brushed up against my thigh and another time he brushed my hand when i let him borrow a pencil. he is really sweet and used to sing ‘sweatshirt’ to me. he doesn’t anymore but when we sat across from each other, he used to whisper my name really loud when the teacher was gone and sometimes made the heart symbol to me w/ his hands. everyone says he likes me, but he denies it. he sometimes moves his eyebrows up and down to me and i sometimes catch him staring at me in class. But, when he’s with his friends, we will glance at me for a second but then completely ignore me. Also, he flirts with lots of other girls, so im not sure if he just has a flirtatious personality or if he likes me. Sometimes he will leave me to talk to his friends or other girls but usually comes back. What do i do. someone plz help me.
Spectra872 ( 71004 )
Posted 7 days ago
I have this crush and his name is Steven I like him but I don't know if he likes me I took the test and it said there was love in the air but I think it's a bit wrong maybe he always makes me laugh so this test might be right
kldb ( 36030 )
Posted 17 days ago
oh shut up Jade me and him are dating
Kitty Cat ( 92988 )
Posted 23 days ago
My names Cat and i like this boy named thane. He always makes me laugh. But i have liked him for 5 years and still havent goten up the nerve to ask if he likes me. I only see him twice a week cuse im homeschooled.wat should i do????????
Emily ( 24825 )
Posted 33 days ago
Tatsiyana loves mason that is not nice to say to this "lakes ha"
Tatsiyana loves mason ( 40605 )
Posted 50 days ago
Ha ha derp you are right what kind of a name is lahkaysha it is so funny ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I am sorry but is funny lahkaysha
Tatsiyana loves mason ( 40605 )
Posted 50 days ago
Well girl from lonely world I would say to him to ask him on a date: um hi (whatever his name is) so I kinda saw you flirting with me and I am wondering do you like me and if you do do you wanna go on a date with me because I really liked you for a long time and I am wondering! So I think you should say that hope this is helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Girl from lonely world ( 79565 )
Posted 52 days ago
Of all the things that have happened with us, I think he might actually like me!!! Could anyone help me or gibe me tips on how to date him!!!!
goldie ( 55945 )
Posted 66 days ago
me and my friends all went to a dance and somehow he was always next to me I think he likes me what do u think
CinderFlame ( 40316 )
Posted 76 days ago
I straight up think my crush likes me because when I'm around he tries to be cool and funny.
Lahkaysha ( 91433 )
Posted 78 days ago
Stop saying my name
Derp ( 87590 )
Posted 85 days ago
What the heck is wrong with the commenter "Lahkaysha"?
Why are they talking in the chats?? 😂😂 they should do it on the phone not where everybody could see on the comments 🙄🙄
Fizybubly ( 99109 )
Posted 86 days ago
Omg..... I think he might like me!! There is this guy called Kevin and he is:
- Cute/handsome
-K ind/caring

He also stands up for me, like if his friends and I are having a tackle fight, ( for fun ) he always says stop until we assure him that we are not bullying, we are playing. So he then joins in!
Andreah ( 64149 )
Posted 99 days ago
This guy at school we joke around like a lot and he touches me all the time once we almost held hands but it didn't last long before his friend called him over but i know he loves me
Marina ( 46955 )
Posted 109 days ago
Hi my name is Marina I have a love story I am 7
Brace Face Babe ( 65592 )
Posted 116 days ago
I really like this guy and we just hugged today... we aren't dating, but I have mixed feelings about it. I'm kinda scared if he doesn't like me and I try to ask him out... What if I get rejected??!
chicken thigh ( 48748 )
Posted 137 days ago
I like this guy. We met because my best friend is dating his best friend and she wanted all of us to be friends. Well anyway, back to the guy. We text every day. All day even past one in the morning. And it varies. Sometimes we start talking deeply and then just casual stuff like him telling me he saw something disgusting as he was walking. Anyway, I drove him once from where he lived to where he worked and right now I'm confused as to whether or not there may be something between us. I'm scared of being rejected. But we just randomly started talking about his loneliness and he says I drive his loneliness away but I don't know if he means it in a romantic or friendly way I don't get it.
Jade ( 86087 )
Posted 148 days ago
So there is this boy I met around 3 months ago and now I'm pretty much best friends with his sister! We talk about everything together...even him! She knows I have a crush on him. We are really close and she recently told me that he liked me back. She had talked to him and somehow pried it out of him. Since then, she has told me all kinds of things he has said about me. He said he liked how I styled my hair, he thinks I'm cute, and he really likes me. She keeps telling me how he probably wouldn't mind if I sat by him during class at our youth group but I'm worried if I try I'll get rejected. I talk to him sometimes but we are both shy when it comes to this stuff. I'm nervous to talk to him especially since all my friends think he's super cute and are crushing on him too. I feel like I can't try to sit by him or even talk to him cause then all these girls that like him will be glaring at me, ignoring me, and worst of all turn this into some sort of competition for his attention. I'm scared that when he realizes or finds out all these girls like him he is gonna forget about me and I'll get my heart broken! His sister is always telling me that I have nothing to worry about because he chose me over them and he didn't have to but he did. I really like him and I don't wanna lose him! What should I do? Should I tell him I like him back? Do I let it go? Does he even like me? HELP!
Ava ( 96573 )
Posted 158 days ago
We once had eye contact smiled and laughed
Flowers ( 10945 )
Posted 158 days ago
I hope he is going to like me