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Does he like you? (Teenagers Only!)

Does he like you? (Teenagers Only!)

Does He Like You?

Does he really like you? (Middle school)

Does he have a crush on you?

Does he have a crush on you?

Does he like you?

Does He Like You? (girls)

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vsno love (73574)
I have known this boy named jack since 2 grade and now I'm in 4 grade and just started to like him even though he used to be my friend and now that he isn't in my class barley notices me accept for when this boy found out I like Jack and now everybody knows I like him including Jack himself and he has noticed me a tiny bit more and today when we were watching a play he kept talking to me is that good or bad
I love dance+purple (58837)
4 days ago
so I met this boy called Joe. He us shy, clever hangs out whith a small group of weird friends but if he wanted to he could be friends with everyone, he likes sport but isn't that good at it. AND I KEEP CATCHING HIM WHATH ME♡♥♡. I have known him for about a year. I fit the same description as he does although I am not as popular. My friends all know of my crush and support it. One of the even suggested that I should ask him out. SHE IS CRAZY! What should I do?
Ginnie Vardy (28025)
5 days ago
So I like this boy let's call him James
I've liked him for a few weeks but I want to know if he likes me .... my friends hang around with his friends and we really make each other laugh loads .... he looks at me and treats me in a way that he doesn't treat my friends. He talks to me and I help him and he helps me .... I gave him my help in my geography class and it started from there ...... but there are some things that makes me unsure
He threw snowballs at me and his friends for a laugh - it was funny - but he kept doing it and that makes me not sure whether he likes me or not
I'm in y8 and he's taller and older than me so yhhhhhhh xx bye
Zenny (68658)
5 days ago
Okay so, let me give some context before I start: I’m “popular” but I don’t hang with the REAL popular people who he hangs with. He’s super popular like everyone in town knows him. He’s a bit of a playboy and he’s dated a lot of my friends. I’ve known him for about 5 years now and you could say we’re “best friends”. He had a messy break up with one of my friends (Sarah) so there’s s bit of tension. Onto the story:
So, he and one of my closer friends, Bella, used to date but are now best friends, Bella helped him break up Sarah so they aren’t friends anymore, Bella told my other friend and her best friend, Cara that he has a crush on someone. Cara told me and said she thinks he likes me because the clues he gave describe me but I think he likes Bella because they also describe her. I don’t want to ruin any friendships and I’m not even positive whether he likes me or not... help
Lynne (67426)
6 days ago
with my guy friend, we have been friends for 5 years. If theres a late night sleepover etc, we will talk for hours. like we’ve talked about definitely meeting up next year when we both go to uni. But he can ignore me sometimes for no reason, and that makes me feel worthless. In the last week, we had an emotional night where we did sexual stuff to eachother. We were drunk, but what does this mean?
Ikia (54037)
6 days ago
So, I like this guy. We've known each other since we were little(1st grade) but then we stopped talking till this year (6th)and still dont talk. My friends are his and one of my guy friends told him that I liked him. He said I was hot and he likes me. That day I was really mad. We always look at each other in the hallway and blush. Since I was crying, I didnt want him to see me like that. So I looked away. Apparently he got salty and dated another girl. Now their broken up and all that jazz, but idk if he still likes me. HELP
Lauren (79628)
10 days ago
And it says he is mad 4 me!! 💏 💑
Amy (12019)
11 days ago
I like this one boy. Let's call him Sam (Sam isn't his real name). I met him last school year, so I've known him for a little over a year. He's really funny and nice. Pretty much all the girls in my class like him because he's cute and really athletic. I like him because he reminds me of a boy version of me (No, I don't like myself that much), ya know, besides the outgoing and athletic. We're both smart and funny. We both have lots of friends (yet we only hang out with our group). Now, let me tell you why I think he likes me (Imma need your help, here. Please reply with your advice or whether or not you think he likes me.).
unknown (55892)
11 days ago
so the other day i was in class and we could choose our partner or we could work alone and none of my friends were there so I decided to work alone and everyone was messing around except me and a group of guys were sitting next to me and they were talking about girls and they were rating each girl in the class and I thought they would never talk about me since I am shy, awkward, and nerdy and I am minding my own business and I hear one guy say ¨but she is not working with anybody and she´s the only one doing work¨ and then I hear another guy say ¨but she is so cute¨ and ever since that day he says that he is available for any girls out there and he is always talking about me but the thing is that he never showed any sign that he liked me before that conversation and to be honest I don´t really like him and he said he was going to ask me out but I have never talked to him so should I give him a chance or not I really need advice
Whyamievenhere (62032)
12 days ago
Logan (06104)
16 days ago
I really like this boy but my bestfriend Kayla likes him too..She is so crazy for him. I need help because I knew him before her but never talked to him. HELP!!
Fml (31419)
16 days ago
I am in the worst situation in the history of situations
I really like this guy and he's a bit older than me and a troublemaker to say the least I think he MIGHT like me His name is Brandon and I have no idea if he likes me or not!!
I also like this other guy called Mark and today he asked me out but there's a HUGE problem!
I went out with Mark before and it caused a lot of trouble because my friends didn't really like him at all.
And then as I said earlier Brandon is a troublemaker but so is Mark!!
And a couple weeks ago they had a huge fight by the lockers and they got suspended and Brandon is THIS close to getting expelled.
Brandon and Mark still completely hate each other
Oh and did I mention that Brandon is my friends brother and my other friends ex?
Plus Mark is my other friends ex too!
Please send help!!
dat boi (05382)
20 days ago
this is acrazycatladyxD but changed her name.the other kid i like,his name is camren.all i wanted to add was on a scale of 1-10 this is how i would rate camren a 7 and dennis an 11.i do not know how these boys like me. i have zits,i have huge hipster glasses,i love cats,i barely have any friends and they are all weird,i am a nose-in-a-book kind of person,and i want to just hug and give them a kiss on the cheek. i already told dennis i liked him by one of my helpful friends.he said oooooooh when he saw me.but he does not think wrong.*ew*.he kept on saying i will think about it.he is thinking about ifhewants to go out with me and if he likes me or not.i am still waiting for monday.
acrazycatladyxD changed her name to dat boi (05382)
20 days ago
i still love dennis.on a scale of one to ten,i'd give him a 10.the other boy,now i'll tell you his name,camren,i will give him a 5.please guys ,reply!!!
acrazycatlady×D (05382)
20 days ago
i'm in 5th grade and there isvthis boy,dennis,and he super cute.i likehim a lot but i'm not really sure he likes me.when i go back to school i'm going to give him the twix i have been saving there was this one time where i was standing somewhere and he kept on looking at me and looking down at the ground.i am friends with his sister that is in 4th grade.oh yeah,i was in love with him in 4th grade too.the closest he ever got to me was when we accidently touched hands when we were playing was weird.but you know what's the hardest?i have another crush,but not as bad as dennis.he's funny and i already know he likes me because HE was the one who said so.this is how the whole thing went:on monday,a long ago monday,he was talking to my friend and she asked if he liked this girl that liked him.he said no.i like(my name{not telling you}).then my friend asked why and he said because she is nice,funny and was so weird.but no one knows i like this other kid all my friends know i like dennis
Morgan (08170)
20 days ago
Ryan (40691)
23 days ago
There’s no test for gays😫
maddie (99973)
23 days ago
i have this crush named gary on my first day of school i met him on the bus and we just started laughing telling jokes but my ex bestfriend told him that i liked him and then he just never talked to me but now he keeps looking at me and blushing trying to get me to look in his way so does he like me or no?
morgan (19734)
24 days ago
I like this boy named huon.
Nina (31466)
25 days ago
I have a crush and I don't know if he likes me or not