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Does he like you? I mean really?



Does he like you? (Middle/Highschool Quiz)

Does He Like You? (GIRLS ONLY)

Does He Like You?

Does my fwb want a relationship?

Does he like me quiz? Very accurate!(GIRLS ONLY)

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Weirdo743 (28297)
I got a boy that sits next to me and really like me but I don’t like him HELP PLZ!!!!!!
Audrey (57006)
3 days ago
I am in high school and this little kid is 10 and he is at my play practice and follows me around, stares at me, and gives me compliments. He tries to talk to me and make me laugh but it doesn’t really work. He is kind of getting annoying. What do i do to get him to stop.
Erin101 (07601)
3 days ago
Ok so this is verry important, a boy. I like sits behind social studdies class, we talk alot durring class when theres no teacher in the room and today he said he broke up with his ex because she was lying and he said that everyone thinks hes just a "bab boy" so he said "if i was a bad a** than we can both be bad a**es together. Im so confused, can u tell me what that meand and if he is crushing on me! Plz
Nilanie (41332)
4 days ago
I have been in alot of these situations and now i have found someone who likes me and i like them too.... dont worry youll find the perfect one for you like i did
JHWS LZIujxq3bfgd (72195)
4 days ago
You should kiss him a ton and then he will like you for sure
Stephanie (97463)
5 days ago
This is not a love column, Ma. Take a quiz or something.
Ma (97463)
5 days ago
I got a boy who sits next to me in latin. He's REALLY cute, but is always making corny jokes like, "Do you want to hear my construction joke?" and i'll be like, sure, and then he'll say, "Sorry, it's still a work in progress." I don't know what to do. He's cute and all, but I like more serious guys.
Handsom Stranger (97463)
5 days ago
Haha! Hopeless
Girlyproblems101 (49601)
8 days ago
We had a science thing and we combined my group and his group and I was sitting next to him and somebody in my group say between us and he said u ruined my fun Idk if he likes me but I think he does
Reagan (54377)
8 days ago
He loves me
Ahhhhhhhh I don't know what to do
Fin (13637)
9 days ago
Thanks this is actually nice Sorry about spelling
Fin (13637)
9 days ago
Hi guys what are you sing first time hear
A Percussionist (18769)
13 days ago
I knew this guy for about a year. We’re both in 6th grade and both have band. At first, I didn’t really know him, so of course I didn’t like him like I do now. I think that at that one point, when we had a another class together, he liked me more than a friend, and tried flirting with me. But at the time, I only liked him as a friend. I think that since I didn’t really show interest when he talked to me, he lost interest in me. But now, I know him more and like him a lot. But I don’t know if he still likes me. SOMEBODY HALP!!!!
Helpppp (55611)
15 days ago
So I like this boy and I’ve kinda been flirting with him but I don’t think he noticed. I’m thinking about asking him out on the last day of school but like it could ruin my friendships with my friends so idk what to do helppppp
Nicki g (81019)
16 days ago
Firstly i didn't came here to ask about guys or whatever but to warn you school girls i don't think you are going in the right way believe me if you ever stop thinking about boys for even 2 days see how much your mind will be free (this doesn't involve girls +18 just try it. And you want to comment me add (nicki g) when you are commenting next to your names
Fml 91 days later (31419)
17 days ago
So if you go back to page 4 you can see my dilemma at the time
I'm now going out with Brandon and it's the same deal between Mark and Brandon
Maybe even worse
But I've been going out with Brandon for over two months now and that whole time I never had feelings for anyone else
Until now
I think I might like Mark again
Audrey Jones (20954)
20 days ago

Well, me and Brennan have known each other for over 5 years. I like him a lot and I’m afraid to ask him out. He knows I like him. He’s dated my friends. His friends talk about me, but in the end.........

Key stirling (86727)
23 days ago
Sooo I really like this cute red head nerd. But I have a boy friend... But we lost our spark... Help Plz.
Girlyproblems101 (49601)
31 days ago
Well today is Valentine's day and I accedently gave him a Together Bracelet And at Luch We Sat across Each Other And he Hit Me With His Straw But He Apologized Right After And He told Me He Didnt Mean TO And our Friends Said That Ge Liked Me And that Could Be Bc Thay Know I Like Him And His Friends Keep WHispering To Him And Laughing And They Nake Me Feel like Im Invaiding Or Something And Before Christmas He Said For A Ornament He SHould Have Made A mistletoe and his friends whispered in his ear and one of his friends is his cousin along with my best friend liking his cousin
HA (85038)
32 days ago
so, i hav ths group of friends, my bestie(girl), other bestie(boy), and his bestie(boy) but sometimes, my boy bestie singles me out sorta??
help pls