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Does He Like You?

Does he like me?

Are You Meant To Be?

Does he like you?

Does He Like You Back?

Does he like you?

Do you like him?

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Connie Hu ( 98009 )
Posted 578 days ago
Harry could say that
puppylove ( 88453 )
Posted 583 days ago
i believe this test will help me with this guy i like, i cannot talk to him without freaking out (in my head) but still i really cant talk to him and i never act like this in front of guys i like so im conserned that i more than like him
puppylove ( 88453 )
Posted 583 days ago
how do i take the test
Puppy donut lover ( 16423 )
Posted 591 days ago
This is crap. This does not even help a real relationship in my opinion.
Donutlover ( 30135 )
Posted 602 days ago
does he really like you?
Catty ( 63658 )
Posted 607 days ago
If. You be afriend. That. Respect. That. Because. That. Is. Your. Disesion
brianna ( 72769 )
Posted 614 days ago
I suggest you just go to him and say softly how you feel. Whether it is good or bad. You do not want to feel uncomfortable anymore so just let him down easy
Confused 💗 ( 45988 )
Posted 620 days ago
Hey everyone , i need help ! I strated dating my best boy friend and then we both decided we better just be friends ! We lost touch for a bit after but now were like reallg best friends again ! He just ended a relationship with one if my friends and he asked me if he should start talking witn a girl who is one of bis friends ! I told him well you just ended ur relationship so im not sure with right now but if u like her then go ahed ! The next day there was a free lesson and he came and sit next to me ! We were talking and laughting and it kinda looked like we were flirting tho we werent ! He told me i dont like that person anymore , i was like ok . He told me i like someone else so i was like ok. I was asked him who and he just blushed so i laughed and just talked with my other friends ! He then started touching my legs and i was like 😐 ! I told him what are ya doing and he just laughed. Then he told my friend who was behind me who he liked , i was like why wont you tell me ! He then told me it was me and i was like stop joking but he said it was and my friend was like yeh its you so i just went ok ! The next day he came up to me and said everyone thinks i like you but i dont ! I was like 💗 im so confused ! Please can someone help me ?!?! I dont like him back and i like another person but i just wanna know
lollipop157 ( 80361 )
Posted 623 days ago
hi can anyone please help me find my quiz it is created by me and it will say created by lollipop157 it is called does he like me i think if not can you look for one with my name on it if you do find it comment the link on this strip of comments
Carolyn ( 88681 )
Posted 629 days ago
Wow great anserws
siyolise kopolo ( 39173 )
Posted 630 days ago
This love test knows if he/she likes you
k, Sharkey ( 35852 )
Posted 632 days ago
I'm lost waiting for u? U promised u would never leave me 😢