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Does he like you?

Does he like you?

Are You Meant To Be? (11-13 year olds only please)

Does He Like You Back?

Does he like you?

Does your crush like you?

Does he like you?

Does he like you? (By a 19 year old Male)

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Best Friend ( 99601 )
Posted 473 days ago
This guy I like is amazing. He's so much fun and when we're together we're always laughing. We talk everyday except weekends because I just got a phone with limited data. We have a lot of inside jokes and he generally just makes me super happy. We're pretty open with each other to a point where I'm okay to talk about past relationships and my "problems". So if you haven't guessed we're awesome friends

But I like him...
I recently had a birthday at his friends house. We were all watching a movie and eating BLTs. I rested my feet on top of him with no complaint from him? We paused and I stole his phone to mess with him. "Mya, I swear to God I will make this really awkward really fast!" He said.
"Do it, you won't, 💗!", I responded. He grabbed my boob.
Before that we played a game called the uncomfortable game. He won, obviously.
I can't really date him because I dated a guy he used to be really good friends with and in the relationship we had oral 💗 (which err joke about nite with Listerine shots). I'm also afraid he's too tall for me considering hrs a whole foot taller than me (I'm ,5'1).
I seriously like this guy and I don't know what to do...HELP!
Zekhethelo Mbokazi ( 64111 )
Posted 474 days ago
Im in lv with a boy called Mayenziwe Madi.He is so handsm,his lips drive me crazy.Im 2 shy 2 tell him,1t am i gonna do!!
C R E S E N D O ( 66321 )
Posted 475 days ago
We're just friends, and I'm chill with it. We both know that there will never be any true romance between us.
He really likes one of my very good friends. A lot. He's asked her out a few times and was rejected a few times. According to him, by EXACT QUOTE "One of these days I'm gonna get [friends name]
I'm sure that she actually secretly likes him, and for some reason it bothers me.
I know that it's not because I like him or anything. I feel like it's more "oh god this is awkward" when we're all in the squad.
I have no idea how to tell him that she's called him cute and sweet before. I don't want anything to be awkward between us again. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance ~C R E S E N D O
Conflicted ( 34492 )
Posted 477 days ago
Hi, uh I forgot to add, he knows I like him😝
Conflicted ( 34492 )
Posted 477 days ago
Okay so I like this guy(A lot) and he teases me, he calls me names in a joking manner and he takes my stuff but gives it back after I chase him. Just Afew days ago he took my lunch container and I had to chase him. I'm conflicted, my friend had asked him and he had said to tell me "Tell her To 💗 Off, I don't like her." But he is showing all the signs of liking me. He stares at me, he gets flustered, he teases me. Does he like me or not?!
Crazy ( 97067 )
Posted 477 days ago
I really like this guy, I feel like saying more than just like but love, but they always say 14 year olds don't know love, I can't stop thinking of him, when I moved a different state I felt alone but he was there and he made me happy like I'm in a different world where I can't think of anything sad of how my life is, when I try to get over him it sucks I dream of him when I'm trying to forget him, then I cry and wine saying I miss him, and I love day dreaming when he's in it I always imagine meeting him in a coffee shop when it first snows and it's the first time I saw him in person, I didn't care in my dream that i'd just go up and hug him, he is 16 but a freshmen so I guess he got held back¿I've never met him in person I met him on facebook just saying he is not a 40 year old online because I have a best friend who lives where he does and they went to the same school once, I don't know what to do I tried to get over him when he left me just cause he got a girlfriend then he broke up with her and I texted him pretending I didn't know who it was then he apologized but I was stubborn I said I didn't wanna talk anymore but i really did, I have no idea where I'm going with it anymore I've liked him for 5months doesn't seem long but I've liked a guy for 4 years and I feel like this is the second guy I've been liking for awhile, should I try and be with him? Or leave and just wait till the feelings wear off? And am I in love?
Lexy ( 68484 )
Posted 478 days ago
Okay, I LOVE this guy for way to much time, about year an a half, he was first my bff but suddenly I started to like him and he started liking me about the same time, this school year we were in different classes but he still follows me and I also still try to see him as many times as possible. I think he likes me but IDK, he is quite weird, he acts really confident and outgoing in public, when I talk to him he smooths down a little bit, just the way I've always known him, and when there is family around him or any other adult he gets REALLY shy. So he is bipolar, what shall I do, should I ask him out or does he even like me?
Trihafi ( 08890 )
Posted 479 days ago
There is a guy I really like him😍 He works at Countdown and the only reason I go there to buy stuff is because I just wanted to see him. His smiles just melts my heart. Hopefully he likes me more than I like him😍
Jaeda ( 90141 )
Posted 479 days ago
So there is this guy we rarely talk but I thought he liked me when we saw each other at six flags. We literally went on the same exact rides. After that he started staring at me. But my Dani my friend, said that he likes another girl named Emily. But he keeps staring at me and when he does I feel like he smiles and kind of laughs and tells his friends. But I see him staring at me so I think he might like me. I am so confused. Is he laughing at me or does he like?
Anonymous ( 92405 )
Posted 480 days ago
So there is this guy in my science class that talks to me all the time... We sit by eachother and we always mess around and pike eachother and stuff. He talks to other girls too do I don't know if he likes me. He is kind of popular and I'm like not popular but not unpopular. I dont know what to do I really like him but I do t know if I should tell him
Elaine ( 35522 )
Posted 484 days ago
I'm so terrified to ask him out yet so desperate for answers
Elaine ( 35522 )
Posted 484 days ago
nvm I have a major crush on this guy in my class... We r good friend (bffs as he'd call it) one time... My teacher made me sit next to him for two full terms we both agreed that was fun but if I like him does he really like me back?... LIFE IS SO HARD! I'm having a mental girl meltdown. NEED mascara....
lily ( 72901 )
Posted 487 days ago
ive liked this guy 4ever and he's talked 2 me a couple times. and he doesn't have a girlfriend. should i ask him out?!?!?!

Emily ( 23406 )
Posted 492 days ago
There's this boy in my class and I love him so much. He knows because my bff told him and he told me to tell him the truth so I wrote down on a piece of paper. We've been acting differently since. I'm always passing notes to him and he passes back.
Today he was like:
"Oh, Emily you like me right?"
But I was like *blush* and run away.
Do you think he likes me? All the quizzes say he's under a spell
Laney ( 26276 )
Posted 492 days ago
mine never talks to me is that bad?
Emma ( 62650 )
Posted 497 days ago
Me and my crush were at PE and I was going against him and we touched the turtle(in da activity we were doing)at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also we head bashed and he said,"are u ok?" In the cutest voice the head bash still hurts tho
Zoe ( 21653 )
Posted 497 days ago
This so isn't what I was looking for at all and I thought that it was a real quiz
farazana ( 82627 )
Posted 504 days ago
hi i like someone he like me to
i know he looks at me he is sweet guy
i haven't speak to him yet
Jess Halili ( 11928 )
Posted 507 days ago
This guy told me he likes me and im wondering if he does
PS hes my crush
maggie ( 96022 )
Posted 510 days ago
there is this boy at my school who started saying baby let me help carry your bookbag. baby what is your name .i was so confused after you think he likes me or was he just being polite.