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Does he like you?

Does he have a crush on you? ????????????????

Does he like you back?

Does my crush like me?

Does your crush like you back? (10-13 girls)

Does he like you? (introvert)

Does he like me? Honest! Girls only!

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Lahkaysha ( 06533 )
Posted 488 days ago
GUYS,IM NOT DEAD! The police got danile and he is in jail! me and Nathan got back together!
lahkaysha ( 06533 )
Posted 489 days ago
Hey guys, me and Nathan broke up being boyfriend and girlfriend so i did dump him and he said: I DON'T LOVE YOU LAHKAYSHA and I said: STAY AWAY FROM ME NATHAN and now tomorrow i'll be dead. Goodbye guys:(
lahkaysha ( 06533 )
Posted 492 days ago
um yuki I think you need to go back to public school
Yuki ( 14980 )
Posted 493 days ago
omg omg omg omg omg hee
lahkaysha ( 06533 )
Posted 493 days ago
Hi Crystal I am Lahkaysha Blacklock from Tingha NSW I go to Ross Hill Public school my boyfriend is Sam and we like one call away what song do you like.
Crystal ( 49589 )
Posted 496 days ago
Who I like is popular and have no competitors. I am friends with his bff that sits next to me so he ALWAYS grabs tissues and hand signal or what ever. My bff ask him once do you like Crystal he said I'll answer you when I'm old enough to have a girlfriends. We like the same game Undertale, we're funny and he Sansaitinal. I asked him to banquet and he never answered and never will. Ps I didn't cry and I'm sensitive and EVERY girl cried. Pps my first crush is was and still am him. Ppps his name is Rhys and he's the president. Pppps I just had to get this out and thanks for reading this.
lahkaysha ( 06533 )
Posted 498 days ago
you are a loser from lahkaysha ( 06533 )
Posted 509 days ago
lahkaysha ( 06533 )
Posted 509 days ago
But why did you say that now I'm telling mum and A BLY PUCKS ON ME HE'S NAME IS JOSUA SISON NOW BACK OFF BIG BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
lahkaysha ( 06533 )
Posted 509 days ago
WHY WHY WHY! what do you think about this Miss/or Mrs logan does not now like and Hamish said I love you baby and you've upset me so say sorry AND I LIVE AT INVRELL NSW 2360 ROSS HILL PUBLIC SCHOOL.:(
Hi Iahkaysga ( 42353 )
Posted 510 days ago
Your only 8 years old it doesn't matter who likes of doesn't like you, once u have about rein dot a crush u start to forget what's important he may like u or he just really wants to be friends!
lahkaysha ( 06533 )
Posted 511 days ago
hey guys this was really weird Logan found my house and now he is going to come to my house every day! All of Logan's friends stared hard at me what does that mean cuz they were smiling at me and I know that a guy staring at you likes you but they smiled at me please help me and Dylan's creepy stare is cute but creepy.
lahkaysha blacklock 8 years old ( 06533 )
Posted 513 days ago
Guys calm down I believe Nighiga's comment but Logan and Noah barely stare at me so I stare at them so Dylan has a creepy look don't bother guys I am only 8 years old am I go to Ross Hill Public School at Inverell in NEW SOUTH WALES AUSTRALIA
lahkaysha blacklock 8 years old ( 06533 )
Posted 513 days ago
hey guys me and Logan holded hands so laugh if you like because my friends Shirleah and Indi and Immie were laughing I looked at them and immie's like: Logan like our bestie and I'm like shut up Imogen and then Indi's like: I'm telling the teacher than me and Logan ran away holding hands and we went out last night and I sang: Barbie Girl
Sydney ( 01411 )
Posted 513 days ago
There is this guy I really like but I don't think he really likes me. We are friends and he playfully teases me and stares at me sometimes but I don't think he really does like me. All my friends think he does and some people who aren't my friends say we would be a cute couple. I wanna ask him out but he barely reads my texts. Idk maybe he's shy but I don't know what to do because I always think about him and I always wanna talk to him and he's interested in what I say maybe he's shy about talking about his feelings. HELP!
Sophia ( 63006 )
Posted 514 days ago
I am so so obsessed with this cool guy. Help me!
To Chloe ( 76112 )
Posted 515 days ago
Hey he probably likes you has there been any other signs of him liking you besides staring?
Chloe ( 90449 )
Posted 519 days ago
I really like this guy [a lot] and i always catch him staring at me, and im like what if he is staring at me because he likes me, and i always get myself worked up at this, my nan works at my school and she is his tutor, and she obviously knows that i fancy him, so she tells me if he mentions my name[he hasnt yet] and i just really want to know if he likes me or not!!! THIS IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!!! SOMEONE HELP!
camila ( 58120 )
Posted 520 days ago
how do you take a quiz
omayma ( 54893 )
Posted 529 days ago
guys add me on FB omayma Jandoubi