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Does He Like You? (4-7th Graders)

Does He Like You? (4-7th Graders)

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Krista the confused (52135)
149 days ago
So in middle school, it seems as if 4 boys like me and like no one but me sees it. Then outside of school there are 2 boys who seem to like me. And then in all these tests they show different things, like he really likes you or he half likes you. Basically it seems like everyone but the 1 I actually like likes me. In my old school a guy named Jimmy and I were dating, but he broke up with me a year ago. Now I have no idea what to do, there are like maybe 6 guys who like me and the 1 I like doesn't like me! Ugh help me!!!
Katz fur Leben (94345)
150 days ago
A lot of guys seem to like me. 4 in my class and supposdly more in the grade. I don't know why though. I have like 3 huge pimples and 9 smaller ones but other than that have an average amount of prettiness. I am smart and nice to everyone I meet and am a huge bookworm. Why do they like me?
Alexis.C (55833)
159 days ago
Hi my name is Alexis and there is this guy that one day asked if I want to be his best friend and I said yes and then one day when I was texting him his said bye Luv u best friend and then another day he asked if I would date him and all I said was it depends and he is best friends with my bf so he knows I am in a relationship and he keeps saying my voice is cute and one time when I said to him, "wow the moon is so beautiful rn!" He said "ur so beautiful" and then when we video call each other he will just stare at me sometimes and when he is on video call and playing a game he will just sometimes look at me for a while and then look away...I don't like him only as a best friend rn...but I just really want to know if he likes me because I am so confused! Does he like me more as a friend?
Bell (12019)
159 days ago
He asked if I wanted to go out with him, I'm going to say yes I thought one day. Well, here's how it turned out, he leaned in and kissed me (we were sharing a milkshake with two straws, cause he thought it was romantic, it was) then we went to the park and played soccer. He taught me, and now I'm decent. We're dating basically. He asked me to be his 'goul friend' on Halloween last year. It was cheesy, but cute. This year he was my valentine, or at least I was his. He wants so bad to go out with me and, yes I get that a year is a long time to think about it, but I really like all these guys. What do I do? I like Isac a lot.
Bell (12019)
159 days ago
Isaac is blone with blue eyes. He plays soccer. By the way, if you're wondering how I look, he it is. I have brown green eyes and dirty blonde hair. I look like Betty form River Dale. Isac is also popular, the only one out of the boys I've listed to far. He goes to the park with me, partners with me in class, and even walks with me if my friends go somewhere else that I don't want to go to. He likes holding my hand, too. Sometimes he even does the thing where he puts some of my hair behind my ear, it's cute. I really want to like Isac, but
1. I like way to many guys because they're all nice (some are complete jerks, but I'm not going to talk about them)
And 2. I feel like he's a player. I know he isn't, but he's popular and tons of girls like him. He's, fast, smart, cute, funny, sporty, and popular, he's also sweet.
He game me his number
Bell (12019)
159 days ago
Also to add, theres another guy (lol), Harry, but I'm confused about him. He likes holding my hand and hugging me. Sometimes we even study together. He's funny and once I was acting for a play and this other boy who I believe likes me as well was playing the role of a guy whose supposed to be a bully (he's really nice. This is for a g at my school). Anyway, he was supposed to shove me, but Harry didn't know, and he got mad at the kid, Isac. I told him it was for a play and he got embarrassed. We even go out to the park or to hang, I hang out with the other boys, Zack and Jack and sometimes even Isac. Why do so many boys like me?!
Bell (12019)
159 days ago
I have this group of friends. Kaitlyn, Mary, Isabelle (me), and Katy. We are in 7th grade. We're BFFs. There's a guy who likes hanging with us, Jack. And another guy who's my boy best friend. We're the nice popular girls. Everyone likes us. But people like me a lot because I'm cute, friendly, and sweet. Jack likes doing things like buying us cupcakes and putting frosting on my nose as a silly joke. We like joking around. I kinda like him, he's funny. But Zack, which is my boy best friend, is romantic. He buys me stuff and once he got me a ring pop and pretended to marry me. I don't know who to choose. Should I?
Lizzy (94345)
163 days ago
There iz a guy in my clas called Zak and he is super cute and quite popular. One of my friends is trying to set up him and her friend up but i think he is annoyed by it(I think!). In class today I caught him staring at me but when I saw him he looked away. Earlier this year it seemed alot like his friends were teasing him about liking me in english groups.I don't like no one though.
Problem (94345)
164 days ago
So there is this guy that I have known for nearly 2 years now and we are kind of friends. At first I rly liked him but then I realised what a jerk he is around other guys. He is always teasing me and I am back because we are in band together and we sit right next to each other and in grade 5 we used to argue alot about who would be band captain but now it sort of sounds like he is messing with me because it sort of sounds like he is flirting with me. The other day in class he stole my idea in maths and we argued a bit weirdly, it was like how a bf and gf would argue like not rly meaning it. But the problem is I do not know how I feel about him and some boys in the class that are his friends are saying things like ' I think there is a 91% chance you two will get together' and I just do not know what to do, can someone plz give me advice?
Ahh im confused (15505)
166 days ago
So me and this guy really like each other and we have for about a year, and hes always holding my hand and hugging me and stuff, but he won't date me. He's told me that his mom said hes not allowed to date which is dumb bc we're in highschool now. His mom like always sees us hugging and holding hands but she doesnt care so I dont know why shes apparently against us dating. His family is like my second family since hes also my best friend, so Im always at his house and I know I can trust his mom its so complicated and I dont know what to do because Im scared if we dont start officially dating he might like move on or something idk It just doesnt feel right saying I love you too someone when your not even in a relationship and it makes seeing each other at school and stuff kinda awkward bc nobody knows we have feelings for each other
Lolo (16891)
169 days ago
I think I like some one
Liz Marker (12019)
170 days ago
Oops I think it was too long
Liz Marker (12019)
170 days ago
Now I can't find my comment again lol.
no name (02938)
172 days ago
so i like this guy i wont say his name but he is this super nice guy he loves games and he is super positive. he sometimes flirts with me and he compliments me a lot. one day we were playing this game called i think astro party and when he died he started cheering for me. i took a lot of quizes and a all of them say yes but i dont know what to do. pls help
girl (85945)
173 days ago
So there's this guy I've known a few months. I wouldn't call him "absolutely gorgeous", but he has really nice eyes. :) Also a sweet personality and he always makes everyone laugh. I think he likes me because he always talks to me, compliments me, holds my hand, but this is the first time I've ever had a crush on someone so I could be overreacting. We don't even have each other's phone numbers :( Advice? Please?
totallyconfusedgirl (02246)
174 days ago
I really like him and he kinda likes me sorta, then when I told my friends to keep it a secret she ran around the school like a deranged psycho and screamed it out and now he looks at me funny and most of these quizzes said he likes me!!!!😕

HELP ME!!!!!!!
Inverell High Schooler Girl (28018)
177 days ago
Welp (75876)
183 days ago
Theres this new boy, hes salvadorian and im mexican. His skin look really clean and soft like mine. But we are in diffrent teams (our middle school make us be in teams) and i waved at him once while in the bus, he loooed confused an thought,i was waving at the girl infront. I mouthed "no, you" and he looked around and waved confusingly and he has my wanted elective class and he has stared at me today (class i wanted but didnt get). Art. And i dont really wanna do all tha bc my ex hurt me, im afraid ill be embarrased for saying i love u to him and hugging him and holding his hand. I dont want that to happen again. (My ex proba cheated on me bc he told me to keep it a secret and never had me on his bio)
coolgirl (39812)
186 days ago
first of all I've loved him for 3.5 years I'm 13 now
I'm a serious student and person...I won't dare give him hints
and before 3 years he gave me 99% hints that he love me ,the hints are most disappeared by now
he sometimes stares at me and when I look back mostly smiles and the other times looks serious!
he flirts with me 4 times a year...every 3-4 months in a different way than he flirts with other girls

😻😻😻😻💅🏻🍉🍏🍎 (55970)
189 days ago
I like him a LOT!!!!!!!!!!