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Is he crushing back on you? (Girls)



Does he like me?

Does he like you? (Middle/Highschool Quiz)

Does he like me?

Does he like you?

Does He Like You?

Does He Like You? (girls)

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Donks (11441)
218 days ago
I'm sure this ain't love coz it's just a temporary attraction to this guy, but I'm scared that this might turn into love. I don't really belive kn true love and all and I don't want to risk myself getting hurt by having one sided love either but I like this guy. We are kinda friends and we hanged out couple of times. Our choices of music, fashion, and other things are soo opposite. But that doesn't mean I'm judging him, I still like him. But he ain't into much romantic stuff, he doesn't talk to girls much, he doesn't smile much. He's like the arrogant character from Korean dramas or anime. But he talks to me, he smiles at me and it makes me feel special somehow. I feel like he kinda likes me but then I also question myself that just because he smiling and talking to me doesn't mean he likes me too right? Idk😩He's giving my heart a hard time. I wanna see him during weekends when we don't have school. Just by seeing his faces charges my energy up for the whole day. Is this love? No. This is crush, right? But nys, I like him. I just like him....
Phoenix (06712)
229 days ago
So there's this guy, and I don't know if he likes me, but he left a note in my desk at school. It's so wierd because I am SO not popular and like another popular boy started liking me. Idk if that first boy likes me or not.
Chloe (41314)
238 days ago
So theres this boy at my school I really like called Alex and I don't think he likes me be smiles when he sees me but I'm too scared to talk to him we take music lessons together so I talk to him at least once a week and he acts really friendly but apart from that he doesn't talk to me much I don't know what to do I really like him plz help
Jasmine (08647)
247 days ago
I love😍😍😍 this boy his name is Eddy💑💘and me and him have known each
for a long time and we were having a birthday party🎂🎉 at my house and he and his
family were coming and I got so nervous😟 when he came he was just
staring at me😮I got a bit creeped out😤😥😦😰😟😳😶
And I just started talking to him and he talked back! I was so happy
I think he likes me😶😍💑💗💘💞👍✌👏👏👏he teases me sometimes
and he makes me laugh and we both like each other😍😍😍💑👫💗💘💝💞💟💓💕💖💜💛💚💙❤💋💋💋😗😙😘😚😂😁😀😊☺😄😃😅😆😇😇😇😻😽
Natalia (19380)
262 days ago
Ok. lets just say my crushes name is Jake and my friends name is Lily. So I've liked Jake for about two years. In the first year, we were in the same class and he'd just act friendly with me. He automatically noticed me and you could tell because whenever i looked at him, he'd look back and smile a bit. At the time, I wasn't friends with Lily. When I became friends with Lily, he continued being friendly and smiling at me… until Jake's friend (who let me say is known for being the biggest liar) told me that Jake liked Lily. I was confused because I thought Jake liked me. Like he would flirt me and stuff. But anyway, I believed him and after a while Lily told me that Jake probably liked her. I don't know if she said that to make me feel jealous or if she was telling the truth. Anyway, in the second year, something happened and i stopped being friends with Lily. Now Jake is in my class AGAIN (Lily isn't). I try to not make it obvious that I like him. But HE looks at me sooooo much. He fixes his hair whenever he sees me. He is beginning to talk to me more. But idk if he likes me because he KNOWS i like him and he teases me for it. Yet he won't ask me out or anything. he's a really nice guy, I know that, he's not one of those players or anything. He's really sincere and everything. But i'm just so confused. Could someone please help me?
Ithalia (40570)
267 days ago
Hi I like this boy and his name is Andy all my friends think he likes me and my friends talk to him about me and they say we're the perfect couple and my friend said she could imagine us in a two story house and he said yeah maybe ...........and once he came up to my friend and told her that he likes to hang it with me cause I'm cool and funny..........and maybe he does like me but I won't be able to find out cause I think he's going to a different school 😞😞😞
Insane_Dreamer (63431)
284 days ago
This boy i like always messes around with me. I've known him a little over a year now and , we recently started getting closer together, and talking more. When he is around other girls he doesn't really mess with them as much as he does me. Like i don't know whether or not if he just sees me as a good friend.
Turtle McTurtleton (62632)
303 days ago
I took this test to verify, but he so far has: Given me chocolate, waited for me after science, Talks to me more then his friends during lunch, and asked me out. What do you think ;)
Somone (13231)
327 days ago
I have this crush and I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me but he likes me used to be best friend. I asked him out one day and he said yes but then the next day my friends asked him if we were actually dating and he said that he didn't care.
mandy (74770)
334 days ago
I and my friend love one buti don't know he like who????what I do thàñ
KrystalBaeLive (01592)
337 days ago
I'm so sad ! My crush and I are classmates, but we don't talk ! I know he has a girlfriend and there is this girl who he flirts with but she's a whore ( sorry language) . I want to be his friend, but I'm really shy and don't know how to start a convo and when . I have 6 interactions with him since September ! I want more ! I think he doesn't like me and doesn't think I'm attractive. But I do find him attractive ! Please, help me !
Sun (63883)
345 days ago
There's this boy I like and I've seen him staring at me and then quickly looks away but I've never talked to him but we do a lot of things together like volunteer at my church and he always seems to stare at me what should I do?
Rabbit (67644)
345 days ago
Theres this boy in the class next to me he is naughty like me. Today when I was in class he came in because he was in buddy he looked at me in a funny way. He always comes to my house and he said he like me before but i want to make shore thats true but i dont have the guts to ask and oh by the way my name is Jess and the boy is Jadon what do i do help.
Panda (59036)
346 days ago
I like this guy. He always talks to me and always jokes with me. I always catch him staring at me and he notices the small thing of he. I think he likes me back. When we went swimming at school, he pulled me in the water and I am not sure what that means. Please help me!
Panda (59036)
346 days ago
Just ask him out and see how things go from there. See if you friends think he likes you
heart a popular (69527)
346 days ago
ppps i've never dated before
heart a popular (69527)
346 days ago
i'm in 8th grade i'm not popular by any standards and there is this boy i like he is really popular and at lunch his friends are all staring at me i think he knows but i'm not sure. ps he has an identical twin (whom i hate)
pps if he knows i think he told his friends to make sure that it is true. what should i do?
Chrysanthemum (92318)
354 days ago
This boy and I were friends and I fell hard for him. Most of his friends liked me and talk about me a lot around him so he hears a lot about me. Later in the school year, he started acting different and it was obvious his feelings for me had changed but I didn't say anything. The last day came around and my friend and I were joking around saying that she should tell him for me and she thought I was being serious. She told me that she had told him and I freaked out. Him and I made eye contact and he smiled so I assumed he didn't mind it. The next day, my other friend tells me that (bear with me) he told her on a day I wasn't at school that he likes me. Of course I was excited but when school rolled around again, we didn't talk, as if we never knew each other but we sit together everyday in every class we have together but we don't talk. He still gives off a "like" vibe (I guess) but we just don't talk like we used to!😩
Miss x (37743)
363 days ago
Hey anonymous2.0 I had a guy like that once and what I did was I got my best friend to tell him that she liked him, and then he was like I'm sorry, I don't like you, so my best friend said who do you like then and she kept pressurising him until he told and then she was like hahaha it was a dare and I told him I liked him and so we went out for 2 years
anonymous2.0 (66868)
372 days ago
this kid in my class always steals my eraser and jokes around with me till he gives it back. he talks to me a lot. once he brushed up against my thigh and another time he brushed my hand when i let him borrow a pencil. he is really sweet and used to sing ‘sweatshirt’ to me. he doesn’t anymore but when we sat across from each other, he used to whisper my name really loud when the teacher was gone and sometimes made the heart symbol to me w/ his hands. everyone says he likes me, but he denies it. he sometimes moves his eyebrows up and down to me and i sometimes catch him staring at me in class. But, when he’s with his friends, we will glance at me for a second but then completely ignore me. Also, he flirts with lots of other girls, so im not sure if he just has a flirtatious personality or if he likes me. Sometimes he will leave me to talk to his friends or other girls but usually comes back. What do i do. someone plz help me.