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Does your crush likes you back?

Crush Quiz!

Does Your Crush Like You?

Does he love you, or your friend?

Does your crush fancy you back?

Does your crush like you?

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Insane_Dreamer ( 63431 )
Posted 7 days ago
This boy i like always messes around with me. I've known him a little over a year now and , we recently started getting closer together, and talking more. When he is around other girls he doesn't really mess with them as much as he does me. Like i don't know whether or not if he just sees me as a good friend.
Turtle McTurtleton ( 62632 )
Posted 27 days ago
I took this test to verify, but he so far has: Given me chocolate, waited for me after science, Talks to me more then his friends during lunch, and asked me out. What do you think ;)
Somone ( 13231 )
Posted 50 days ago
I have this crush and I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me but he likes me used to be best friend. I asked him out one day and he said yes but then the next day my friends asked him if we were actually dating and he said that he didn't care.
mandy ( 74770 )
Posted 58 days ago
I and my friend love one buti don't know he like who????what I do thàñ
KrystalBaeLive ( 01592 )
Posted 61 days ago
I'm so sad ! My crush and I are classmates, but we don't talk ! I know he has a girlfriend and there is this girl who he flirts with but she's a whore ( sorry language) . I want to be his friend, but I'm really shy and don't know how to start a convo and when . I have 6 interactions with him since September ! I want more ! I think he doesn't like me and doesn't think I'm attractive. But I do find him attractive ! Please, help me !
Sun ( 63883 )
Posted 69 days ago
There's this boy I like and I've seen him staring at me and then quickly looks away but I've never talked to him but we do a lot of things together like volunteer at my church and he always seems to stare at me what should I do?
Rabbit ( 67644 )
Posted 69 days ago
Theres this boy in the class next to me he is naughty like me. Today when I was in class he came in because he was in buddy he looked at me in a funny way. He always comes to my house and he said he like me before but i want to make shore thats true but i dont have the guts to ask and oh by the way my name is Jess and the boy is Jadon what do i do help.
Panda ( 59036 )
Posted 70 days ago
I like this guy. He always talks to me and always jokes with me. I always catch him staring at me and he notices the small thing of he. I think he likes me back. When we went swimming at school, he pulled me in the water and I am not sure what that means. Please help me!
Panda ( 59036 )
Posted 70 days ago
Just ask him out and see how things go from there. See if you friends think he likes you
heart a popular ( 69527 )
Posted 70 days ago
ppps i've never dated before
heart a popular ( 69527 )
Posted 70 days ago
i'm in 8th grade i'm not popular by any standards and there is this boy i like he is really popular and at lunch his friends are all staring at me i think he knows but i'm not sure. ps he has an identical twin (whom i hate)
pps if he knows i think he told his friends to make sure that it is true. what should i do?
Chrysanthemum ( 92318 )
Posted 78 days ago
This boy and I were friends and I fell hard for him. Most of his friends liked me and talk about me a lot around him so he hears a lot about me. Later in the school year, he started acting different and it was obvious his feelings for me had changed but I didn't say anything. The last day came around and my friend and I were joking around saying that she should tell him for me and she thought I was being serious. She told me that she had told him and I freaked out. Him and I made eye contact and he smiled so I assumed he didn't mind it. The next day, my other friend tells me that (bear with me) he told her on a day I wasn't at school that he likes me. Of course I wa[BEEP]cited but when school rolled around again, we didn't talk, as if we never knew each other but we sit together everyday in every class we have together but we don't talk. He still gives off a "like" vibe (I guess) but we just don't talk like we used to!😩
Miss x ( 37743 )
Posted 87 days ago
Hey anonymous2.0 I had a guy like that once and what I did was I got my best friend to tell him that she liked him, and then he was like I'm sorry, I don't like you, so my best friend said who do you like then and she kept pressurising him until he told and then she was like hahaha it was a dare and I told him I liked him and so we went out for 2 years
anonymous2.0 ( 66868 )
Posted 95 days ago
this kid in my class always steals my eraser and jokes around with me till he gives it back. he talks to me a lot. once he brushed up against my thigh and another time he brushed my hand when i let him borrow a pencil. he is really sweet and used to sing ‘sweatshirt’ to me. he doesn’t anymore but when we sat across from each other, he used to whisper my name really loud when the teacher was gone and sometimes made the heart symbol to me w/ his hands. everyone says he likes me, but he denies it. he sometimes moves his eyebrows up and down to me and i sometimes catch him staring at me in class. But, when he’s with his friends, we will glance at me for a second but then completely ignore me. Also, he flirts with lots of other girls, so im not sure if he just has a flirtatious personality or if he likes me. Sometimes he will leave me to talk to his friends or other girls but usually comes back. What do i do. someone plz help me.
Spectra872 ( 71004 )
Posted 98 days ago
I have this crush and his name is Steven I like him but I don't know if he likes me I took the test and it said there was love in the air but I think it's a bit wrong maybe he always makes me laugh so this test might be right
kldb ( 36030 )
Posted 108 days ago
oh shut up Jade me and him are dating
Kitty Cat ( 92988 )
Posted 113 days ago
My names Cat and i like this boy named thane. He always makes me laugh. But i have liked him for 5 years and still havent goten up the nerve to ask if he likes me. I only see him twice a week cuse im homeschooled.wat should i do????????
Emily ( 24825 )
Posted 123 days ago
Tatsiyana loves mason that is not nice to say to this "lakes ha"
Tatsiyana loves mason ( 40605 )
Posted 141 days ago
Ha ha derp you are right what kind of a name is lahkaysha it is so funny ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I am sorry but is funny lahkaysha
Tatsiyana loves mason ( 40605 )
Posted 141 days ago
Well girl from lonely world I would say to him to ask him on a date: um hi (whatever his name is) so I kinda saw you flirting with me and I am wondering do you like me and if you do do you wanna go on a date with me because I really liked you for a long time and I am wondering! So I think you should say that hope this is helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!