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Is your crush interested in you?

Does the shy girl like you? or is she just nice.

Does she love you? (GUYS ONLY)

Junior High School- Does She Like You?

Does your crush like you?(BOYS ONLY)

Does she like you?

Does She like me?

Does she like you? (MIDDLE SCHOOL)

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Faith ( 15991 )
Posted 4 days ago
Ok Guys Help Me Please I Like A Guy His Name Is Ellis We Have Know Each Other Since 5th Grade And Will Be In 7th This Year Umm... He Stares And And Ackwardly Blushes And Turns Away I [BEEP]ly Did My Own Thing And Put A Secret Admirer Note In His Locker He Is Very Popular And I Not So It Became A School Wide Thing He Still Smiles And Blushes At Me Does That Mean Anything Though? His Best Friend Braylen Is Always Telling Me Ellis Likes You He Talks Nonstop About U What Should I Do?
pandaturbo ( 92911 )
Posted 49 days ago
[BEEP] is with some of these comments?!
Thiedeman Jonah ( 27855 )
Posted 62 days ago
I just asked who the test told me they loved me out and she just kissed me on the lips I mean [BEEP] I'm only in grade 5
Lucas ( 86261 )
Posted 68 days ago
Do u like me I want to know so if I can date someone else or u love u
Mohawk Monkey ( 65802 )
Posted 83 days ago
YEA!!!! wasn't sure at first but now i am. WOOOO-HOOOOO
Carter ( 17221 )
Posted 128 days ago
I just want to know if we could have a firer together
TheREAL ( 62111 )
Posted 184 days ago
I just want to know how do u guys feel when your love one (girl/boy) rejects you when you ask them out?? yeah, yeah i know how it will feel when i will ask her out!! but anyway, just wanted some advise if i get rejected!! :(
Madison. ( 52893 )
Posted 329 days ago
I don't know if I would date him though
Canikgi ( 99944 )
Posted 358 days ago
I want to love my friend as forever as my life friend.
emma ( 57271 )
Posted 368 days ago
we are happy fur her
Kristina Pimenova ( 47402 )
Posted 414 days ago
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hi
Katrina nissan slewa ( 34892 )
Posted 428 days ago
Do you like me Yesterday 😴🤒👧🏻😥😰😨😱😪😭🤒🤒🤒🤒 I'm still sick
Austin Harris ( 81018 )
Posted 440 days ago
This page no these hole dam love test are [BEEP]