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Does she like me?

Does SHE like YOU back?

Does she like you?

Does she like you?

Does She Like You? Quiz

DOES SHE LIKE YOU (By a girl, 100% accurate)

Does she like you?

Does she really like you?(10-16 yrs old)

Does your crush like you ???

Does the girl you like likes you back?

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Comments (44)


Jake (61327)
7 days ago
I Can't believe she doesn't like me ! What's wrong with me I thought I was cute 😕 she's the hottest girl in my class to me. Of course someone else likes her and she thinks that he's wayyyy cuter than me :( I wish she could be mine ! 😞🙍💑
JMS (34144)
10 days ago
ummm,wobble bobble are you related to the ding dong who eats salsa on leaves,i have a nick name for you, i think you shant be called wobble bobble you shall be called ding ding paling ling
JMS (34144)
10 days ago
I like reading the comments,and i see some ding dong human as psycopath,and this ding dong is weird,if i may ask you male or female,ok i dont really care but plz send something nice to people,like ummm,ok i dont know,but can i have your mom's or dad's line,cause you need to be ban from the internet,you DING DONG!
skum (89192)
12 days ago
yea but you wish you were weird like that, "a man"
a man (48010)
13 days ago
Bob your WEIRD
T N Kotze (15816)
20 days ago
Does she like like me
Diana. (75542)
22 days ago
Are there any for the lesbians/bi/pan/other on this website?
Soham (06417)
24 days ago
Does she likes me
Catz (97932)
36 days ago
What to do?
Catz (97932)
36 days ago
I have a huge crush on a boy but also sort of wanna kiss my friend who rides my bus. (She hugs me a lot)
Anonymous (93260)
43 days ago
I'm a girl and I need a lesbian "Does she like me" test. Pplelaaasee
Wyatt Taylor (66267)
43 days ago
Does my friend that is a girl like me and my sister If she does her name is Bailey 😶😶😶 she is my neighbor
A Writer (58696)
72 days ago
Well... I have been crushing on her for around 1 1/2 years, but the thing is the day I was going to tell her was the day she got into a relationship with a very fat kid. They broke up in a week 😏
The other time it was apparently her birthday, so I decided not to tell her.
I AM ANIMOUS (58821)
84 days ago
SO it turns out she is dating someone, yay
Lil’ Rainbow (47328)
90 days ago
What’s a closet-bound lesbian supposed to do!!!
Lil’ Rainbow (47328)
90 days ago
Now I’m even more lost
IDK (00256)
92 days ago
i'm a terrible adviser, but here's a piece of my mind- ask a mutual friend to ask her whether she likes you.
IDK (00256)
92 days ago
There's this guy.
pretty sensitive, nice and all.
we have been friends for almost three years.
He used to like me. idk if he still does. thing is, i have mixed feelings for him. i usually take him as a brother, but recently we had an argument
and things got pretty uneven. idk what to do.
i don't even know why i'm posting this.
Havana Banana (77723)
95 days ago
my bestfriend and my crush like me what do ;_; (fem/fem btw)
Anonimous (58821)
97 days ago
SO there is this girl that I really like and I know for a fact she really likes me. Im still having a hard time having the courage to ask her out bc my friend likes her too. PLZ HELPP.