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Does She like you?

Does SHE like YOU back?

Does that Introverted Girl like you? (Ages 10-13)

DOES SHE LIKE YOU (By a girl, 100% accurate)

Does She Like You? ????

Does she like you?

Does she like you?

Does she really like you?(10-16 yrs old)

Does she's like you?

Does she like me? (guys)

Does she like me? (guys)

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A Writer (58696)
131 days ago
Well... I have been crushing on her for around 1 1/2 years, but the thing is the day I was going to tell her was the day she got into a relationship with a very fat kid. They broke up in a week 😏
The other time it was apparently her birthday, so I decided not to tell her.
I AM ANIMOUS (58821)
144 days ago
SO it turns out she is dating someone, yay
Lil’ Rainbow (47328)
150 days ago
What’s a closet-bound lesbian supposed to do!!!
Lil’ Rainbow (47328)
150 days ago
Now I’m even more lost
IDK (00256)
151 days ago
i'm a terrible adviser, but here's a piece of my mind- ask a mutual friend to ask her whether she likes you.
IDK (00256)
151 days ago
There's this guy.
pretty sensitive, nice and all.
we have been friends for almost three years.
He used to like me. idk if he still does. thing is, i have mixed feelings for him. i usually take him as a brother, but recently we had an argument
and things got pretty uneven. idk what to do.
i don't even know why i'm posting this.
Havana Banana (77723)
154 days ago
my bestfriend and my crush like me what do ;_; (fem/fem btw)
Anonimous (58821)
157 days ago
SO there is this girl that I really like and I know for a fact she really likes me. Im still having a hard time having the courage to ask her out bc my friend likes her too. PLZ HELPP.
Jewboy 6 (34621)
183 days ago
Joseph it's ok you don't get nun but she's interested
joseph (74766)
194 days ago
my crush likes me and her name is Islamia were almost dating we hug
Anonymous (16033)
196 days ago
I have been taking quite a few of these tests, with mixed results. Most tests say something like 'She may like you, but she isn't quite sure about her feelings for you.' So far, she has: Laughed at my jokes (Even the not-so-good ones), talked to me quite a bit, and even given me a nickname, she calls me Ev. I am really not sure at this point, but I really hope the tests are accurate. I am going to see if I can spot any more signs tomorrow, and then social pressure from you guys should take care of the rest.
Mike (90114)
213 days ago
Ive known (liked) this girl for almost 5 years. She thinks I'm really funny and smart. She also does the "staring game" thing where I look at her then she looks at me. My problem is she is giving me all the signs, but I don't think she likes me for some reason. I'm really getting sick of wondering if she likes me! Any help is appreciated
A Girl 😁 (52355)
214 days ago
Hey Confused!! Tbh it sounds like he may like u. Lots of guys tend to think that if he shares common interests with the girl he likes, that she'll like him. That may be the case, OR he just wants to be ur friend? In my opinion, I think it's the first one 😉 But if ur not sure, just ask him? But ONLY if ur comfortable. U don't have to though. Hope this helped!! 😊
Confused (89830)
215 days ago
I just met this guy and how I know him because my friend who introduced me to him likes him but I think he likes me because he keeps liking the same thing I do. Literally EVERYTHING. And he is always laughing and playing around with me. But I'm not sure. He is around other girls too but I'm not sure what he says to them like if it's similar to what he said to me I am Sooooooo confused. Comment below what you think I should do😐😐😐😐😐
A Girl 😁 (52355)
226 days ago
For all u dudes out there trying to impress ur crush: BE YOURSELF! Haven't u seen enough cheesy rom coms to know that already?! Honestly, most girls (like myself) hate guys who act all stuck up and think they're 'all that'. 😂 Girls just like guys who are down to earth, not pretending to Ben someone they're not. 😊 Like COME ON fam. Peace out ✌🏼 Btw I'm 14 y/o
yeee buudy (94103)
235 days ago
her friends told me she liked me but then again "liked" used to
Your worst nightmare (71513)
239 days ago
These shouldn't all be for boys, lesbians exist
a loner (38230)
240 days ago
turns out my crush likes my friend yey
the other only girl (86854)
250 days ago
yeah i agree v lol some of these kind of help though even if they use male pronouns for the quiz taker
The only girl (09409)
254 days ago
Why are all of these for boys? They need to get a lesbian law on this