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The Love Test

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The love life quiz for boys

The love life quiz for boys

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How dirty is you mind?

How dirty is you mind?

What is LOVE to you?

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Comments (19)


Sonam (88824)
34 days ago
Love is not a life
Misha (12732)
56 days ago
My love iz my life...
K.Anusha (18034)
57 days ago
Not nice but ok I got 17 proposal
Minni (48909)
70 days ago
karina (14161)
85 days ago
I'm in love with someone but they don't let us be together
Sonia (15365)
132 days ago
Yeshwanth Sonia
the most undatable girl in the messed up univ (84560)
159 days ago
I don't think love is real because I've never been in "love" and I know that I never will be.
A secret...😳 (14533)
233 days ago
Is love really exist...Or it is fake...
A❤️❤️❤️ (59583)
247 days ago
I hope our love last long
A❤️❤️❤️ (59583)
247 days ago
I can't stop thinking about him
264 days ago
What is the capital city of love? Give reason for your answer. d kiss
nandelini johnson (84631)
308 days ago
I am a crush on azandy he likes me very much
Jessica (71526)
389 days ago
Well I have a big crush on Fitzy and I don't know if he likes me back what should I do should I just ask him or not?
anushka (48114)
480 days ago
Some one love me but true or not?
Elaine (41254)
688 days ago
Obviously My bed 😂
Elaine (41254)
688 days ago
i has a crush on someone...
Harsh (36236)
713 days ago
I and one girl are looking one another and i was love with her can she love me
samiksha verma (82128)
728 days ago
I love only one person
brian mukhebi (50487)
762 days ago
The person who loves you truly will have no reason why he/she loves you but just loves you