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As the popular songs sounds, all you need is love. It is true: to love and to be loved is probably the most important thing in our life. But what to do if you are not sure, is it Love from the capital letter or just another temporary flirt? This page will help you to find out, to put your feelings in place and discern emotional from rational. Doubting if the person you are with is a right one for you these tests and quizzes will help you to disclose his or her true essence. Think you know everything about love and sex affairs and consider yourself an expert prove it by taking one of the tests. And if you always wanted to know if Johnny Depp would be a perfect match for you or whom of Harry Potter characters should you date check it here now!

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Loner (32735)
112 days ago
So I see this boy in my class he is always touching my hair,he stares at me,puts his hands in his hair and taps his feet around me and blushes when I catch him he looks away and he ALWAYS talks to his friends saying “should I ask her out”and “will she like me?”when I’M around I don’t know what to do

I’m only 12
Rob (83378)
113 days ago
Sofiia (96369)
113 days ago
I like this guy, me and him talk in class and joke but not when he is around his friends. Every day I notice that he looks at me and if I look back he breakers eye contact. When ever we have gym class he gives me compliments like good job and gives me high fives. I feel like he likes me, but I need advice. I’m only 11.
Payton (95929)
114 days ago
Response to Lilly!!!

Hey Lilly!! Don't sweat it girl!! Before making up your mind about this guy get the facts!! Is she really dating him?? I think your really smart lilly!! And chances are that he hasn't changed very much.....
He's a guy after all....
Wishing you the best of luck!! ;)D

(8th grade age 13)
Lily (06892)
114 days ago
I have a small problem.Me and My BFF like the same boy. But, she says she dating him. Also I used to know someone long time ago and I have not seen him in 2 years! We were sweethearts people would say. I do not know if he had changed. What should I do? P.s. I'm only 11
Anon (66478)
116 days ago
Why does he not love mèeeeeeeeeee....
anny (68075)
116 days ago
its good not so bad but there not enough options of some questions
hey (16285)
118 days ago
hey hey hey hey hey hey what doing
😍E+M (85046)
118 days ago
My crush likes me back
This is really helpful
Aya (00330)
123 days ago
I wish I find my Relationship
midnightqueen4life (52342)
126 days ago
I like someone called archie and I think he likes me too bot its hard to tell sometimes.
crazyhorselover121 (73361)
128 days ago
I have a crush on someone named Brenden and I think he likes me back but I am not sure.
Aayush (63322)
131 days ago
I Am Getting Confused Ealrly She Loves Me And Now She Is With Another Guys In A Relationship.
And She Say You Are My Friend.
So, Be Friend.
Dylan (91153)
132 days ago
All these tests of sexuality. wow. I just want to say, tests are tests. life is life. you know your sexuality. Don't hide that person.
That person is beautiful, smart and awsome. No matter whats on the ouside.

That person is loved.
Rae (62887)
136 days ago
I got lesbain on this test but I'm afraid it's true. Is this happening to any one else
Maddy (14199)
137 days ago
Uh, so I was best friends with a guy in K-2nd grade but he moved away. I am 12 now and miss him a LOT. I know his mom's facebook and his email (not because I am a stalker, his mom was friends with mine and he gave me his email) but I don't know what to do! Should I email him or not?
mishelle (41243)
139 days ago
hey im new here and i need advice
JM (87277)
146 days ago
OK my issue in a interracial gay relationship. Also both have a usage of drugs in the start of the relationship💗was hot while we party after over six months💗has almost stopped. But the drug usage is still there he comes up with stories being gone for a day or two gets high all night together than has to leave when things don't become sexual. I'm left alone to satisfy my own needs while he iPhone who knows where with whom. Constantly on chat sights viewing other men but welcome he lives me everyday. I'm left sexualy frustrated feel guilty if I cheat the romance is no where we do not enjoy activities besides the drug use. I'm am heart broken alone angry confused hurt felling ugly or in attractive because the lack of sexual intimacy. I have told him I can do more sexual to turn it up but nothing works he is gone more and more everytime we get high soon as the substance is gone he is to. What do I do?
Olivia (40209)
150 days ago
I'm 13, and I have a crush on a boy. He's really hot, and he became my boyfriend just a few weeks ago!!! Geez Erin, talk about something INTRESTING.
Ein anderer (11858)
151 days ago
Hi 🕸🐝🐝🐜🐌🦀🌻🦂🦂🦂🦂🐌🐌🐛🐛🐌